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Draft King Copper Chimney Cap: An Honest Review

June 3rd, 2024 | 4 min. read

By Louis Greubel

A Draft King Single Flue Copper Chimney Cap installed on a chimney flue against a white background.

Most chimney caps are made of steel — either galvanized steel or stainless steel. Others are made of aluminum. But for those looking to blend striking elegance with sturdy, robust protection, there’s yet another type of metal from which chimney caps can be made: copper.

A copper chimney cap will prevent downdrafts just as well as a steel or aluminum cap. They’ll keep critters out of your chimney just as well as a steel cap, too. But the truth is, for several reasons, copper chimney caps aren’t for everyone.

But is a copper chimney cap the right choice for you?

At HY-C, we manufacture a single-flue copper chimney cap under our Draft King brand. And in this guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at this cap to help you find out whether or not you should get one.

We’ll cover the sizes these caps come in, how much they cost, how durable they are, and even how they’re installed on a chimney.

By the time you’re finished here, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether or not a Draft King Single Flue Copper Chimney Cap is right for you.

Table of contents (click to jump to a section):

Discover the Draft King Copper Chimney Cap

Draft King Copper Chimney Cap Sizes

Thumbnail images of all 7 Draft King Single Flue Copper Chimney Cap sizes shown against a white background.

Relative to other chimney caps under the Draft King banner, the copper style is available in fewer sizes (for reasons we’ll get into in a bit). The Draft King Galvanized Steel Cap, for example, comes in 11 sizes, as does the Draft King Stainless Steel Cap.

The copper style, on the other hand, is manufactured in 3 square sizes and 4 rectangular sizes for a total of 7 size options:

Model Number

Minimum Flue Tile Size

Maximum Flue Tile Size


7½” x 7½”

9½” x 9½”


7½” x 11½”

9½” x 13½”


7½” x 16½”

9¼” x 18¼”


10" x 14"

12½” x 16¼”


11½” x 11½”

13½” x 13½”


11½” x 16½”

13¼” x 18¼”


16½” x 16½”

18" x 18"

While they may be available in fewer sizes, these copper caps are still made to fit some of the most common chimney flue sizes out there (i.e., 9” x 9”, 9” x 13”, 13” x 13”, and 13” x 18”).

To find whether or not your chimney is compatible with a Draft King Copper Chimney Cap, first you’ll have to measure your flue tile. After you’ve found the dimensions of your flue, just match it to the model number in the table above.

For instance, if you have a square flue that measures 12¼” x 12¼”, you’d need a CP1313 cap (based on the minimum and maximum flue tile sizes in the table).

Draft King Copper Chimney Cap Prices

So, why are copper Draft King chimney caps available in fewer sizes than their stainless steel or galvanized steel counterparts? For a simple reason: copper is expensive.

The reason people want a copper chimney cap is for their eye-catching appearance and the unique patina they develop over years and years of exposure to the elements. A steel chimney cap can provide the same (and in some cases, better) performance for a mere fraction of the cost, so people simply buy and install steel caps much more often.

Here are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) of the seven copper Draft King chimney caps we offer:

Model Number
















Note that these prices may vary from retailer to retailer. Either way, though, they’re much higher than the cost of a galvanized steel chimney cap or the cost of a stainless steel chimney cap.

Draft King Copper Chimney Cap Durability


How do copper caps hold up over the long term, especially relative to other, more cost-effective chimney cap materials?

Pretty well, actually.

Copper is relatively soft for a metal, but it’s harder and less pliable than aluminum. Draft King copper caps are made with 18-gauge mesh and a 24-gauge hood, so they’re plenty thick enough to keep out critters who may try to chew on it.

Copper is also devoid of iron, meaning it will not rust (unlike galvanized steel, which will rust over a long enough period). In terms of longevity and chimney protection, copper is really only edged out by stainless steel.

Even still, it will perform very well for years at a time, making it well worth the initial investment.

Draft King Copper Chimney Cap Installation

Like most of the chimney caps in the Draft King line, the copper cap is made with a bolt-on installation style. Each of the cap’s four corners has a hole that accommodates a bolt. To install the cap, simply tighten each bolt with a screwdriver against the chimney flue tile.

A close up of one corner of a Draft King Single Flue Copper Chimney Cap installed on a chimney flue.

These caps come with a protective metal strip designed to protect your flue tile. The strip not only physically shields the delicate flue tile from the head of the bolt, but it also helps to distribute pressure more evenly over the surface of the tile for a tight, secure hold.

For flue tiles that protrude less than one inch from the chimney’s crown, Draft King Single Flue Copper Chimney Caps are compatible with our stainless steel leg kit.

A Draft King Single Flue Copper Chimney Cap with a stainless steel leg kit installed. The cap is displayed against a white background.

To use it, just attach a leg to each of the cap’s corners on the inside of the cap. From there, instead of bolting the cap directly to the flue, just slide the legs into the tile. The cap will stay in place through a combination of friction and tension.

Should You Get a Draft King Copper Chimney Cap?

At this point, you should be an expert in all things Draft King Copper Chimney Caps. But you may still be wondering whether or not you should get one for yourself.

The first hurdle is the price point. In fact, it’s an immediate disqualifier for many, especially because you can get a chimney cap with comparable protection and functionality for a fourth of the price.

If you can overcome that barrier, the next step is to ensure that one of the seven sizes will fit your chimney flue. If your flue is too big or too small, you’ll want to opt for a stainless, galvanized steel, or aluminum alternative.

If size and price are not an issue, though, a copper chimney cap is an excellent choice. It offers year-round protection season after season, and its glimmering, premium shine provides a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic at the very top of your home.

Whichever chimney cap material you decide on, you’ll need to be able to install your cap after you make your purchase. Our chimney cap installation guide covers 7 unique installation styles. It’s a comprehensive piece that should be able to help you install virtually any cap you get.

Louis Greubel

Louis earned a bachelor's degree in English with a focus in rhetoric and composition from St. Louis University in 2017. He has worked in marketing as a content writer for over 5 years. Currently, he oversees the HY-C Learning Center, helping HY-C subject matter experts to share their decades of home solution products experience with homeowners and sales partners across the country.