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Warranty Registration

HY-C® is committed to excellence and advancement in all that we do, including our commitment to stand fully behind the products that we manufacture and sell.

Do you have an installation question, need a part, or have a warranty claim? Then consider registering your purchase. It’s simple and will help to expedite any call you might make to our dedicated Customer Service Team. Remember, we’re here to help! 1-800-325-7076.

HY-C® adheres to the GDPR [EU 2018] by protecting your privacy and not sharing collected data.

We've Got Answers


Warranty questions? No problem! Here are some of the ones we hear most often, coupled with our honest answers. 

If we haven't answered your question below, reach out! We're always here to help.

Which HY-C® products are eligible for a warranty?

What if I don’t know some of the information in the warranty form?

How will HY-C® use the information submitted in the warranty form?

Will HY-C® use my information to send me marketing materials?

What happens when I need to make a warranty claim?

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Why Register?

We work hard to help every customer with every warranty need. Registering your HY-C® brand products for warranty helps us to help you better, faster, and more efficiently.

Register today to help save time later on!