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The Names Under Our Roof Serve the Home Under Yours

With over 75 years of experience (and counting) making products in the USA, our brands know what it takes to help your home thrive.



Questions about our brands?  No problem! Here are some of the ones we hear most often, coupled with our honest answers. 

If we haven't answered yours below, reach out! We're always here to help.

Which industries do HY-C® brands serve?

Where are HY-C®’s brand's products made?

Where can I find products from HY-C® brands?

Do HY-C® brands offer warranties for their products?

I’m interested in selling products from HY-C® brands. How do I get started?

Reliable Home Solution Products

Ready to find your solution? Just click on our Product Locator. Interested in learning more about HY-C® products? Visit our Learning Center for in-depth guides, reviews, comparisons, and more!