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Grow Your Business with Reliable Products

Is your home solution product selection missing the right products for your shoppers? Stock the solutions your customers actually want.

Fill in your missing product offerings or upgrade your current offering with a versatile, robust portfolio of reliable products by talking to an account manager today.

How We Work for You

Our dedicated account managers are here to help meet your business needs. Whether you’re interested in drop shipping, distributing, or stocking your own warehouse, we want to make selling our products to your customers as easy as possible.


Helping You Help Your Customers

Your customers think about their homes all the time. They want proven home solution products that are going to help them sleep well at night.

Give them what they need with a portfolio of time-tested products from a diverse lineup of brands that cover your customers' concerns from roof to foundation.

Becoming a hy-c sales partner

How Does it Work?

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with plenty of great sales partners over the years. If you decide to work with us, here’s what you’ll do.


Social Proof

We've Got Answers


A sales partnership comes with questions, and we’ve heard a lot of them before. To help streamline the process and save you time, here are some of the questions we hear most often, coupled with our honest answers.

If we haven't answered your questions below, reach out! We're always here to help.

What products does HY-C® manufacture?

How can I learn more about HY-C®’s products?

Why should my business partner with HY-C®?

What are HY-C®’s lead times?

Does HY-C® have minimum order requirements?

Does HY-C® offer drop shipping?

How do I begin my partnership with HY-C®?

Get In Touch Today

If you believe your business needs align with our product offering and you want to work with us, reach out!

By the end of your call, you’ll know:
1. What kind of products we offer
2. How we can can help you sell them
3. Which account manager will assist you in the process