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We Help Improve Your Life and the Life of Your Home

The HY-C family of brands makes home solution products to protect your number one investment — your home — against weather, wildlife, and everything in between.

how hy-c brands help keep you and your home safe

Home Solution Products

From chimney caps and wildlife exclusion devices to wood burning furnaces and rotary cleaning tools, our brands offer a versatile selection to help you get the best out of your home.

Bringing the Best Home to You™

For Over 75 Years

The story of HY-C® isn’t just the story of this company. It’s an American story. It’s a story of entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness, and creativity. It’s the story of how one man’s idea in the 1940s resulted in a national manufacturing company that supports over 100 employees in the 21st century.

It’s also about relationships: internal relationships that allowed the company to develop, business relationships that allowed it to grow, and executive relationships that resulted in steady leadership through changing markets and an ever-changing world.

Whether you’re a HY-C® employee, a sales partner who sells HY-C® products, or a homeowner who relies on HY-C® solutions to get the very best out of your home, this isn’t just our story — it’s yours, too.

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


The HY-C® Company was founded by D. Alan Hisey in St. Louis, Missouri. From 1947 through the early 1950s, Al Hisey established his career in the roofing business by making aluminum chimney covers by hand in his residential garage on Hanley Street in St. Louis.

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic



Al Hisey Operating the First HY-C® Metal Press in St. Louis, Missouri

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


Through his entrepreneurial efforts, Al Hisey became a well-known local supplier of chimney covers to many St. Louis residents, operating out of the trunk of his car and selling his custom-made covers door-to-door. 


Delivery Day at the Garage with Al Hisey, Harvey (H.T.) Wilkenson, and Earl Head

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic

Mid 1950s

HY-C® chimney cover sales expanded into the retail market when Forshaw of St. Louis, Inc. began selling the first HY-C® retail chimney cover product: the 1800 Series, packaged in a pizza-style box.

Increased sales soon demanded growth, and the HY-C® Company moved into its first industrial manufacturing facility: the North 14th Street factory. 


Al Hisey and the First HY-C Retail Chimney Covers



Al Hisey and the Crew at the 14th Street Factory


The North 14th Street factory underwent its first of two 50,000-square-foot additions. This expansion provided much-needed space for the HY-C® sales team to pursue national retail distribution opportunities. 


Al Hisey Holding the First Publication of the HY-C® Catalog

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Bob Jacobson joined the HY-C® Company as it entered a season of diversification through acquisition, strategically positioning itself to meet its growth and expansion goals.

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


D. Alan Hisey retired, and Bob Jacobson stepped in as President of the HY-C® Company in 1988.


Bob and Debbie Jacobson at an Industry Trade Show

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


National retail distribution opportunities expanded, and David Walters joined the HY-C® Company.

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


Continued manufacturing expansion and corporate sales growth mandated the need for additional office and factory space. HY-C® purchased its Maryland Heights facility in 2010. Renovations and manufacturing adaptations began immediately, and HY-C® moved into the new facility in 2011. 


10950 Linpage Place St. Louis, Missouri, USA

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


Executive roles shifted as Bob Jacobson prepared for retirement and took on a CEO role, while David Walters took on the position of HY-C® President.  HY-C® continued advancing into the e-commerce distribution channel.

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


Steady growth and new distribution needs necessitated the establishment of a new 100,000-square-foot HY-C® shipping facility near the intersection of Page Avenue and I-170.

HY-C 75th Anniversary Circle Logo Graphic


HY-C® celebrated 75 Years of USA manufacturing! An additional 50,000-square-foot facility of leased warehouse space was added to meet market demands.


David Walters Addressed Attendees at HY-C®'s 75th Anniversary Celebration while Mark Johnson, Scott Neely, and Jim Maisel Look to the Future



The HY-C® Company, a 4th-Generation Family Owned Business (from Left to Right): Brian Jacobson, Debbie Jacobson, Bob Jacobson, and Andrew Jacobson

Today's HY-C Team

Our people know and love our industry. From veterans with years of hands-on experience to recent college graduates helping to shape the future of HY-C®, we all have one goal: to build and deliver purpose-driven home solution products to help improve your life and the life of your home.

The HY-C Team

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