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What Are Good Vibrations Products?

November 22nd, 2023 | 6 min. read

By Louis Greubel

The Good Vibrations logo against a white background.

In lawn care, the big tools get the job done. Lawn mowers, tractors, trimmers — they pare down each and every blade of grass with precision to leave homeowners with a fresh, green, manicured lawn.

But small upgrades to the big tools can make a huge impact on comfort, convenience, and efficiency when caring for your lawn. And that’s exactly what Good Vibrations products are: universal lawn care accessories for trimmers, tractors, push mowers, zero turn mowers, and more.

But what’s in the line? How do the products work? And how do they make caring for your lawn easier and more comfortable?

As the owners of Good Vibrations, that’s exactly what we want to share with you in this guide.

We’ll go over which products we offer, what they’re compatible with, and how their design and development help to make yard work more enjoyable. By the time you’re finished here, you’ll understand this product offering, and you may even learn about a new upgrade or two you’d enjoy adding to your mower or tractor.

Good Vibrations Product Offering

In short, there are currently twelve Good Vibrations products that span nine different categories:

  • A steering wheel knob
  • A weed eater strap
  • Two hitch plates
  • Two locking hitch pins
  • Two lawn mower pull cord handles
  • A mower deck scraper
  • An offroad drinking mug
  • A selection of tractor wheel covers
  • Tractor seat repair sealant

We’ll cover all these products by category in relative order of their popularity.

Steering Wheel Knob

A red Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob installed on a steering wheel against a white background

The Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob at a glance:

  • One-handed control and comfort
  • Universal fit for all lawn tractors
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Available in green, red, and gray

The Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob fits on the steering wheel of any lawn tractor, regardless of make or model. The knob comes with an Allen wrench for easy adjustability and installation. The knob rotates in place as you grip it and turn your mower’s steering wheel, allowing you to control your vehicle easily with just one hand.

The Easy-Rider also works well on boats and golf carts, but it’s intended for off-road use only. Don’t install it on your personal vehicle, truck, or recreational vehicle!

Weed Eater Strap

A man using a weed trimmer with a Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap attached on a white background with a blown-up image of the same trimmer strap next to the man

The Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap at a glance:

  • Makes trimmer feel 75% lighter
  • Shoulder pad contoured for soft, cushioned comfort
  • Bungee-style strap

One of the biggest pains (literally) of using a weed eater is back pain. The Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap helps to alleviate this problem. When installed correctly, all you should have to do is let your trimmer hang — just guide it along and pull the trigger to operate it.

The Zero Gravity’s unique, bungee-style strap is the secret to its success and comfort. It’s intuitive to use, attaching to any trimmer in seconds. It’s also great to use on leaf blowers.

Hitch Plates

Three images of the Good Vibrations Hitchin Post Plus+ 3-Way Hitchplate side by side showing its ball towing configuration, hitch pin configuration, and winch configuration

The Hitchin Post Plus+ 3-Way Hitchplate & Towing Ball at a glance:

  • Includes 1 ⅞” ball
  • Pin-hitch hole
  • Dual tow loops for chains, ropes, and winches

The Hitchin Post Plus+ offers three methods of towing additional equipment behind your tractor: a tow ball, a hitch pin hole, and two loops for chains or ropes. It attaches easily to any make and model of lawn tractor or ATV.

Despite its versatility, the Hitchin Post Plus+ is intended for off-road use only; you should not use the Hitchin Post on your truck to tow vehicles or equipment on roads or highways!

A Good Vibrations Z-Hitch Zero-Turn Hitchplate installed on a red zero-turn mower with green grass in the background

The Z-Hitch Zero-Turn Hitchplate at a glance:

  • Universal for all zero-turn mower makes and models
  • 3-way hitch plate
  • 2” to 6” centers for an easy, flexible fit

The Z-Hitch Zero-Turn Hitchplate is similar to the Hitchin Post Plus+, but it’s designed specifically for zero-turn mowers that may not have a built-in hitch plate. It’s made for the same three towing methods, too — a tow ball, a hitch pin, or chains or ropes.

Like the Hitchin Post Plus, the Z-Hitch is intended for off-road use only. It’s also important not to exceed your offroad vehicle’s towing capacity when utilizing a Z-Hitch.

Locking Hitch Pins

A Good Vibrations King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin installed, connecting towing equipment to a tractor against a white background

The King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin at a glance:

  • One-handed hitch and release
  • Automatically locks when yellow trigger is released
  • Heavy-duty treated construction with nickel plating
  • 5 ⅛” shaft, ½” diameter

The King Pin allows you to connect additional towing equipment to your lawn tractor or ATV with just one hand. The two prongs on the end are spring-loaded and connected to the handle. When pushing the King Pin in, the prongs retract and allow you to make the connection. Squeezing the trigger also retracts them, allowing you to pull the pin out.

The King Pin works well in conjunction with the Hitchin Post Plus+ and the Z-Hitch, and, like those items, it’s intended for off-road use only.

A man holding onto a Good Vibrations Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin that's being used to connect a dump cart to a lawn tractor.

The Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin at a glance:

  • Over 25 pounds of magnetic locking force
  • Extra-strong neodymium magnet
  • Easily stores on hitch when not in use
  • 4” shaft, ½” diameter

Like the King Pin, the Auto-Locking Magnetic Hitch Pin does away with the need for clips and pins when towing equipment behind your tractor or ATV. This pin utilizes a strong, neodymium magnet with over 25 pounds of locking force to keep your equipment secured while towing it.

The red handle is angled a bit relative to the shaft, too, allowing you to pull it out easily against the force of the magnet. This hitch pin is intended for offroad use only.

Lawn Mower Pull Cord Handles

A Good Vibrations Get-A-Grip Full Grip Deluxe Handle attached to a lawn mower pull cord with green grass in the background as a person's hand grips it

The Get-A-Grip Full Grip Deluxe Handle at a glance:

  • Full grip for comfort and ease of use
  • High-grade polymer rope
  • Makes starting push mower easier

Your lawn mower probably came with a small, clumsy T-handle attached to its pull cord. These T-handles are awkward to use, and the Get-A-Grip offers an easier, more comfortable alternative. Just snip your T-handle off (while holding onto the pull cord!), tie a knot in it, and slide it into the Get-A-Grip for easy installation.

This naturally shaped pull cord handle works well on lawn mowers, boats, snow blowers, pressure washers — any kind of machine that utilizes a pull cord starter.

A Good Vibrations Start Me Up Full-Grip Starter Handle attached to a lawn mower pull cord as a hand grips it against a white background

The Start Me Up Full-Grip Starter Handle at a glance:

  • 88” rope included
  • Soft-grip handle for a comfortable, secure hold
  • Easy to install — change handles in seconds

So, what’s the difference between the Get-A-Grip handle and the Start Me Up handle? They both offer an easier, more robust option than the standard T-handle. But the Start Me Up features quite a bit more padding in the handle for the very best in comfort.

It’s available in both red and gray, and, like the Get-A-Grip, it’s also useful for lawn mowers, snow blowers, boats, and pressure washers.

Mower Deck Scraper

A Good Vibrations Grass Hawk Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper scraping the lawn mower deck of a red lawn mower against a white background

The Grass Hawk Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper at a glance:

  • Flat and curved cleaning blades for versatility
  • Helps maintain a clean mower deck for a longer life and better cut
  • Also attaches to a pole for cleaning lawn tractors

The Grass Hawk mower scraper makes cleaning a mower deck much easier than with a knife or screwdriver. It features a rotating head with both a flat and curved cleaning blade to reach every crack and crevice of your mower deck.

The bottom of the handle comes with a threaded hole that screws into an extension pole in order to clean lawn tractors, more easily too.

Offroad Drinking Mug

A GIF showing a man squeezing the Jell-Lock base of a Good Vibrations Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug, closing its lid, and flipping it over

The Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug at a glance:

  • Jell-Lock base forms tight to any cup
  • Holds tight on rough terrain
  • One-handed open and close

When your lawn tractor or ATV takes you out on rough, uneven terrain, you shouldn’t use just any mug. The Rough Rider features a rubbery base that squeezes and flexes to fit into any cup-holder. The lid only opens at the press of a button, too, ensuring that dirt and grime stay out (and your beverage stays in).

The Rough Rider is perfect to use during lawn mowing, but it’s also well-suited to any offroad activity. Its 24-ounce capacity is enough to keep you hydrated (or caffeinated!) during any job.

Tractor Wheel Covers

A green and yellow tractor with chrome and yellow Good Vibrations Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers installed on the two visible wheels

Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers at a glance:

  • Black (in 6” and 8” radii)
  • Chrome (in 10” and 12” radii)
  • Red, light orange, burnt orange, yellow, and black accents available

As with anything lawn care-related, tractor wheels — especially white tractor wheels — develop a bit of an ugly green hue over time. Whether you want to cover up stains, wear and tear, or you just want to add a pop of color to your lawn tractor, Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers have you… well, covered.

The 6” and 8” covers are available in black, and the 10” and 12” covers come in chrome. All sizes are available with light orange, dark orange, red, yellow, or black accents. They snap easily onto your wheels and, from a practicality standpoint, they help prevent rust.

Tractor Seat Sealant

A six-part image set showing the application, smoothing, and finished process of using Good Vibrations Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair on both a black and a yellow tractor seat

Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair at a glance:

  • Avoid expensive seat replacement
  • Durable and flexible
  • Repairs rips, holes, and gouges

Finally, Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair is a sealant designed to fix any holes, cuts, or scrapes in your tractor’s seats. Replacing the need for duct tape, this sealant comes in black and yellow to compliment common tractor seat colors.

It works well on other foam products, too, including arm rests, cushions, and foam seats (especially the more common black color).

Where Can You Buy Good Vibrations Products?

By now, you should have a full, complete sense of what’s included in the Good Vibrations product lineup. From trimmer straps and steering wheel knobs to hitch plates, pins, and more, Good Vibrations’ versatile offering is designed to make lawn care easier, more comfortable, and more efficient.

But where can you find the products?

Hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Menards, Fleet Farm, and others carry Good Vibrations. You can also find Good Vibrations products on Amazon.

And whether you’re interested in one Good Vibrations product or a few, we hope they’ll make caring for your lawn a little easier — and a lot more enjoyable.

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