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How the HY-C Learning Center can Help Your Business

January 29th, 2024 | 4 min. read

By Louis Greubel

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HY-C recently launched a repository of free online resources called the Learning Center. It contains in-depth product reviews, comparisons, guides, and more written content about the categories we serve and the products we manufacture.

We publish 3 new pieces of content a week to our Learning Center in an effort to provide tools for our sales partners and to educate their customers.

But what does this content have to do with you as a sales partner? How can you use it? How can it help grow your business?

In this guide, we’re going to cover just what the HY-C Learning Center can do for you. We’ll include tips on how to utilize the content, how it can help optimize your website, and more information on how you can get the best out of the HY-C Learning Center.

The HY-C Learning Center Helps Create Well-Educated Customers

This is a benefit that doesn’t necessarily require any direct action on your part. One of the primary goals of the content in the Learning Center is to help homeowners learn about chimney caps, wood burning furnaces, wildlife exclusion products, and more of the products that we manufacture (and that you sell).

There are ways that you can use and distribute the content in the Learning Center (we’ll get into those in a bit), but since its launch in September of 2023, the Learning Center’s readership has climbed into the thousands.

As homeowners search online for questions that they have about our products, they discover the Learning Center and become better-educated buyers. That means by the time they end up in your store, they’ll know exactly what they need and how it works, saving your employees time and generating sales for your business.

The HY-C Learning Center Can Help Educate Your Employees

If you’re a retailer and you carry HY-C products in your store, they’ll sell most effectively if your employees understand the products and can explain their nuances to your customers. But it can be tough for a retail employee to learn everything there is to know about your store’s entire product selection. That’s where the Learning Center comes in.

For example, if you sell wood burning furnaces, your employees need to be able to explain exactly how to burn wood in a furnace. Our best burn practices guide covers that topic in depth.

If you carry Solo Stove smokeless fire pits and our Flame Genie smokeless fire pits, your employees need to understand the differences between those two products to help your customers decide which one is best for them. Our Flame Genie vs. Solo Stove guide can help.

The examples are endless, and the volume of content we’ve published (and will continue to publish) on our products specifically and our categories in general can help to sharpen your employees’ skills and make them more effective educators of your customers.

The same principle applies if you’re a distributor. If your salespeople sell HY-C products to dealers, they’ll sell more effectively if they can explain how Good Vibrations products can drive incremental sales, or how it’s a good sales opportunity to stock LintEater in their stores.

Use the Learning Center to educate your employees so they can, in turn, educate your customers and generate sales.

The HY-C Learning Can Help Boost Your SEO Efforts

A chart showing organic traffic searches trending up with 2.8K searches a month, an improvement rate of +37.03%

The wonderful world of SEO is as complex and confusing as it is rewarding and exciting. The Google search algorithms seem almost arbitrary, and it can be tough to stay on top of SEO best practices and trends. One SEO practice that has remained rock-solid through the years, though, is backlinking.

Unlike other ranking metrics, it’s pretty well-established by this point that outbound links have a positive effect on SEO — you may have noticed that this section of this article already contains three of them. Linking to other authoritative websites sends signals to search engines that your site is also a reliable source of good information.

With that said, if your website has a blog or any kind of repository of published content, never hesitate to link to content from the HY-C Learning Center where it makes sense, especially if you cover similar topics. It will help HY-C improve our backlink profile, and it will help you improve your SEO signals to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing by linking to written content straight from the manufacturer.

The HY-C Learning Center Can Enhance E-Commerce Product Pages

Do you sell HY-C products online? The Learning Center can be particularly effective for you and your business, especially on product description pages. Well-educated buyers make better buying decisions, end up more satisfied with their purchases, and are less likely to make returns. And the HY-C Learning Center has already developed the tools you need to help educate your customers best.

Take chimney caps as an example. One of the most important aspects of finding the right chimney cap for your flue is finding the right size. And with so many size options available, customers may get confused and worry about choosing the wrong cap size.

A HY-C chimney cap product description page with a link to an article about chimney caps demonstrating that clicking the link opens that article

Adding a link to our chimney cap size guide on your chimney caps’ product description pages can help customers quickly determine which size they need, making for a better shopping experience.

This isn’t limited to chimney caps, either. With articles such as “Everything You Need to Know about Fireplace Firebacks”, “Is a Wood Burning Furnace Right for You?” and “The Benefits of Foundation Vent Covers”, there are dozens of Learning Center articles you can add to your website’s product pages to help educate your customers and create a better shopping experience.

The HY-C Learning Center Has Content Written Specifically for Sales Partners

An educated shopper makes better buying decisions and winds up happier with the purchase. Similarly, an educated sales partner is armed with the tools they need to make the best decisions to help their business grow.

The HY-C Learning Center isn’t just for your customers; it’s for you, too. We work to develop content to make it easier to do business with us, answering the burning questions and concerns you may have before you even have to voice them.

You can find this sales partner-related content by navigating to the HY-C Learning Center, scrolling down to the “Filter by Topic” tab, and selecting the “Sales Partners” filter.

How Can You Start to Use the HY-C Learning Center for Your Business?

Our Learning Center has been live for over 6 months at this point, and we plan to keep adding content to it for years to come. After all, customers never run out of questions and concerns, and as long as there is a need to address them, the Learning Center will.

So, as a HY-C sales partner, how can you start utilizing the Learning Center today?

Well, if you own retail stores, start sharing the content with your employees. The better-educated they are, the more well-equipped they’ll be to assist your customers and address their needs.

If you’re a distributor, share the Learning Center with your sales team. Content exists not only to help them understand the basics of the HY-C products you sell, but also how to sell the products efficiently and effectively.

If you sell our products online, link to Learning Center articles on your product pages or on your own blog. Your customers will get in-depth product information straight from the manufacturer, and you’ll send strong SEO signals to search engines to improve your website’s ranking.

Either way, the best place to start is in the Learning Center itself. You’re already here  — welcome! — so continue to peruse our volumes of written content. Educate yourself and learn how to educate your employees and customers so you can continue to grow your business.

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Louis Greubel

Louis earned a bachelor's degree in English with a focus in rhetoric and composition from St. Louis University in 2017. He has worked in marketing as a content writer for over 5 years. Currently, he oversees the HY-C Learning Center, helping HY-C subject matter experts to share their decades of home solution products experience with homeowners and sales partners across the country.