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HY-C manufactures and sells home improvement products including chimney covers, UL1618 certified stove boards, firewood storage racks, nuisance wildlife control screens, cast iron fireplace grates and accessories, as well as fire pits and outdoor living accessories. HY-C delivers home solutions built better.

Fire Chief’s EPA certified wood burning furnaces will put an end to your home heating worries. Manufactured with pride in the USA, each warm air furnace is pre-wired for easy installation and equipped with a thermostatically controlled blower for maximum heat output. Fire Chief reliably delivers warm, clean heat.

Shelter’s complete line of chimney covers, log racks, and hearth protection products is your Made in the USA heating accessory solution! Coupled with our ultra-efficient wood burning indoor furnace, we’ve really turned up the heat when it comes to domestically manufactured whole-home heating products and accessories. From our cost-effective chimney covers and EPA Certified wood burning furnace to our wide variety of heavy-duty steel log racks and stove boards, the Shelter line is built to meet your needs. Shelter. Proudly Made in the USA.

ShelterPro chimney systems offer the perfect solution for multiple venting needs. All parts are manufactured with the best materials available and are made in the USA and Canada. Whether you are venting an indoor — or an outdoor — wood furnace, you will find practical and profitable solutions in the ShelterPro family of products. ShelterPro: Venting Solutions Built Better.

The HY-C Company is pleased to introduce our HY-Guard Exclusion product line! Since 1947, HY-C has innovated and manufactured high-quality products for the nuisance and wildlife control industry that maximize animal exclusion without detracting from the desired exterior aesthetic of a home. As a pioneer, HY-C products have become well-known and firmly trusted as industry standards. Now branded under HY-Guard Exclusion, our animal exclusion product line remains backed by over 70 years of manufacturing excellence. HY-Guard Exclusion: Your Professional Exclusion Solution!

Cast and forged for years of enjoyment and improved performance, Liberty Foundry Co. hearth products and accessories enhance your wood burning experience. From heavy-duty cast iron and steel bar fireplace grates to kettle steamers, firebacks, and easy-access chimney clean-out doors, Liberty Foundry products stand up to the hottest of fires. Liberty Foundry: Feel the Difference!

Flame Genie creatively crafts unique wood pellet fire pits and patio accessories for enhanced outdoor living. Experience a mesmerizing atmosphere while adding a warm glow to your patio or campsite. Flame Genie: The perfect accent to your outdoor space.

Whether it’s the LintEater, SootEater, GutterSweep, or the NEW Dryer Vent Made Easy, Gardus has you covered with a variety of products designed to make the maintenance of your home safer, simpler, and easier.

LintEater by Gardus effectively removes dangerous lint build-up in almost every type of dryer vent system. By attaching the LintEater Rotary Cleaning System to a cordless drill, homeowners efficiently clean hard to reach dryer ducts and substantially reduce their utility costs. Safeguard your home with LintEater.

SootEater by Gardus simplifies the cleaning of multiple wood stove and fireplace flues. Whether square, round, rectangular, or oval, SootEater’s drill-activated spinning chimney whip removes dangerous soot and creosote buildup better than a brush. Prevent flue fires with SootEater.

Routine gutter cleaning is simplified with the rotary gutter cleaning system from GutterSweep. No more timely investments of climbing dangerous ladders to remove debris and rinse gutters. GutterSweep makes cleaning and maintaining your home a breeze!

Save lost heat! Magic Heat reclaims up to 30% of lost heat from the chimney of your heating appliance and distributes it into your home. Maximize your heat transfer and turn cold into comfort with Magic Heat.