Fire Chief® EPA Certified Forced Air Wood Burning Furnace

Why Fire Chief®

EPA Certified
Longer Burn Time With New Clean Burn Technology™
  • Thermostatically-controlled draft inducer boosts fire for greater heat output when needed.
  • Control home temperature from your living room with included wall thermostat.
  • Clean Burn Technology™ saves wood, time, and money.
Whole Home Heating Solution™
  • Clean Burn Technology™ + engineered air flow increases heat output.
  • Higher output temperatures combined with blower strength deliver consistent, comfortable heat throughout your home.
  • Eliminates hot and cold zones caused by wood stoves and other zone-heating solutions.
Easy Installation
  • Reduced minimum clearances with insulated side panels.
  • Plug & play electrical connections eliminate costly subcontractors.
  • Fast and simple duct connections.
Durability Backed by Industry Best Warranty
  • Industry best warranty backed by over 70 years of Made in the USA manufacturing excellence.
  • Stainless steel lined firebox protects the most vulnerable furnace parts.
  • Rugged cast iron grates provide ease of operation and long life.

Included Features

  • High-Capacity Distribution Blower
  • Ash Pan
  • Wall Thermostat
  • Draft Induction Blower
  • Filter Box
  • Installation DVD
  • Patent Pending

Fire Chief®: Burns Hotter, Burns Longer, Burns Cleaner™