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Fire Chief®

Fire Chief® EPA Certified Indoor Wood Burning Furnace


Proudly made in the USA in St. Louis, Missouri, the FC1000E is an EPA-certified forced-air wood burning furnace. Configurable as an add-on to your existing furnace or a standalone whole-home heating solution, it utilizes Clean Burn Technology™ to deliver clean, consistent heat through your entire home.

Burns Hotter, Burns Longer, Burns Cleaner™

Fire Chief®

Product Description

Whole Home Heating Solution™

Capable of comfortably heating up to 2,500 square feet, the FC1000E comes standard with pre-wired, plug-and-play electrical components that install easily. The top of the furnace features two 8” starting collars to facilitate ductwork installation, and the back includes a 6” chimney connector. The furnace’s minimal clearances-to-combustibles — 6” on the side and 12” on the back — make it an ideal choice for installation in confined areas with limited space.

The insulated stainless steel-lined firebox helps to protect vital operating components from heat damage. With 3.4 cubic feet of space, the firebox can accommodate up to 20” logs, resulting in burn times up to 9 hours and a maximum heat output of 143,500 BTUs. A thermostatically-controlled draft inducer on the front of the furnace ensures quick, efficient heat production, while a 1,800 CFM distribution blower on the back of the unit provides consistent, continuous heat delivery throughout your living space.

Sell Sheet

Capable of Heating up to 2,500 Square Feet

Engineered to provide consistent, continuous heat throughout your whole living area.

Maximum Peak Output: 143,500 BTUs

Enjoy indoor warmth and comfort in even the lowest outdoor temperatures.

1,800 CFM Distribution Blower

Powerful blower pushes warm air into your ducts and throughout your home efficiently.

Burn Times Up to 9 Hours

Extended burn times result in longer intervals between loading the firebox.

Low Clearances to Combustibles

6” clearances on the sides of the furnaces and 12” clearances on the back allow for installations in tighter, more confined spaces.

Eligible for Tax Credit

Meets IRS requirements as a "Qualified Energy Property" to be eligible for a 30% tax credit (up to $2,000).

  • Product Features
  • Retail Specs
  • Shipping Specs
  • Operator Manual + Installation Video
  • USA Tax Credit
Fire Chief® EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace
  • Made in the USA
  • Maximum Peak Input: 289,000 BTUs1
  • Maximum Peak Output: 143,500 BTUs2
  • Average Output Capacity: 46,435 BTUs3
  • Heats up to 2,500 Square Feet4
  • Tested Emissions: 1.07 g/hr (0.14 lb/MMBtu)
  • Overall Dimensions: 26” x 45-½” x 42”
  • Clearances to Combustibles: Sides: 6” | Rear: 12”
  • Firebox accommodates up to 20" logs
  • Burn Times up to 9 Hours with Clean Burn Technology™
  • Stainless Steel-Lined Firebox
  • Fixed Cast Iron Grate
  • Pre-Wired Electrical Components
  • Requires a Chimney with at Least a 6” Diameter
  • Includes: 1,800 CFM Distribution Blower, Draft Inducer Blower, Digital Thermostat, 20” x 20” Filter Box, Easy-Access Ash Pan
  • 5-Year Firebox & Grate Warranty
  • 2-Year Blower Warranty
  • 1-Year Electrical Components Warranty
  • Eligible for Tax Credit

1 Based on 10 pounds per cubic foot of firebox capacity and 8,500 BTU per pound of wood.

2 Based upon tested efficiency at Maximum Peak Input. BTU output cycles are dependent upon the amount of and quality of wood. It is not a continuous, steady output.

3 Actual laboratory test results for 1000E series.

4 Actual performance will be dependent upon field variables, and estimate is based upon a high-performance home located in Heating Zone 4 USA.

Fire Chief® EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace
Model Number
Retail Width x Depth x Height (in)
Retail Weight (lbs)
26 x 45-½ x 42
26 x 32-¼ x 9-½
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Fire Chief® EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace
Model Number
Case Pack
Shipping Width x Depth x Height (in)
Shipping Weight (lbs)
30 x 40 x 66
20-½ x 26-½ x 6-¼
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Fire Chief® EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace
Fire Chief® EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace

Fire Chief® EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace

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Fire Chief®


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