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Top 7 Uses for the SpinAway Rotary Cleaning Brush

June 6th, 2024 | 5 min. read

By Louis Greubel

A panel of four images separated by an orange cross. Each image shows a man using a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush to clean various surfaces.

If you own anything, you’ll need to clean it at some point or another. But all that tireless scrubbing on your hands and knees can be back-breaking work. That’s why at HY-C, we’ve developed a line of rotary cleaning tools under our Gardus brand name to make cleaning easier.

These tools connect to your cordless drill and utilize its centrifugal force to scour, scrub, and wipe for you. While most of these tools (like LintEater and SootEater) were designed for specific purposes (like dryer vent cleaning and chimney cleaning), the most recent addition to the line — SpinAway — is a general-use rotary cleaning tool designed for multiple applications.

But simply saying SpinAway can “clean anything” isn’t very helpful. The better question is, “What does it clean best?”

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this guide. We’ve been using SpinAway quite a bit ourselves, and we want to cover what we’ve found to be the 7 best applications for this handy little rotary cleaning tool.

By the time you’re finished here, you’ll understand how SpinAway cleans vehicles, pools, homes, and more. With this understanding, you’ll be ready to start using SpinAway to clean more easily and efficiently than ever.

Table of contents (click to jump to an item):

  1. SpinAway for cleaning home siding
  2. SpinAway for cleaning pools
  3. SpinAway for dusting
  4. SpinAway for cleaning fences
  5. SpinAway for cleaning boats
  6. SpinAway for cleaning patio furniture
  7. SpinAway for cleaning cars and trucks

Discover the SpinAway Rotary Cleaning Brush

1. SpinAway for Cleaning Home Siding

A GIF of a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush being used to clean grass stains off of corrugated metal siding.

The siding on your home is a hot spot for the buildup of all kinds of gunk. Whether your house has vinyl siding, wood siding, a stone veneer, or some kind of composite material, none if it is immune to dirt, pollen, mold, mildew, or any number of undesirable particulates.

Whatever the problem, SpinAway can help. It’s extendible, providing 10 feet of total reach. For one-story, ranch-style homes, you should be able to reach pretty close to your roof line (and even if you need to ascend a ladder, you won’t need to climb very high).

SpinAway can also be used dry or in combination with a number of wet cleaning agents or soaps. If a thin layer of dirt or dust is all that’s plaguing your siding, a couple of passes with the dry brush head should do the trick. If mold or mildew is the problem, just dip the brush head in an applicable cleaning solution for best results.

2. SpinAway for Cleaning Pools

A GIF of a man using a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush to clean the walls of an in-ground pool.

Most people don’t think about how much cleaning and maintenance a pool requires until after they have one put in. It’s a bit of a chore, but SpinAway can make cleaning a pool easier.

Oftentimes, the walls of the pool accumulate a layer of muck and grime (both at and below the water level). SpinAway is very well-suited to clean around the perimeter of your pool where the water meets the pools’ edge. When extended, it can reach right into the deep end of the pool to scrub the bottom, too.

The skimmers are another common spot for debris accumulation. SpinAway’s brush heads can bend and contour to scrub every wall and corner of your skimmers, keeping them clean to help facilitate good filtration and circulation.

3. SpinAway for Dusting

A GIF of a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush scrubbing dirt and debris off of wood siding.

Dusting is perhaps one of the most frequent household chores you’re likely to do. If you dust on Sunday, it’s a good bet that dust will be right back on your surfaces come next Sunday.

SpinAway’s gentle bristles can help to remove dust and debris. Whether it’s your kitchen table, the tops of your picture frames, or your at-home work desk, you don’t even need to attach the tool to a drill to dust. Just use SpinAway like you would a feather duster.

Need to reach higher up? No problem. Just adjust your SpinAway’s handle to its maximum length. You’ll be able to reach the top of your refrigerator, the tops of your kitchen cabinets, and any other high ledges in your home with ease.

4. SpinAway for Cleaning Fences

A man using a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush to clean grass stains off of a white vinyl fence.

Fences are a common staple of property ownership. Whether you live out on a few acres and have a fence to keep in your goats or sheep or you live in a city home with a fence that separates your yard from your neighbor’s, fences tend to get dirty pretty quickly.

With SpinAway, there’s no need for elbow grease. It can help take mold, mildew, and grass stains right off of wood or vinyl fencing. Its brush head is also great at reaching right into the gaps on chain-link fences, sweeping away spider webs, stuck twigs, leaves, and more debris.

5. SpinAway for Cleaning Boats

A GIF of a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush scrubbing black stains from the hull of a mid-sized fishing boat.

Like a pool, cleaning and maintaining a boat is hard work. They sail in tough, dirty environments and are subjected to brine, mud, mold, mildew, and all the other junk the sea or ocean has to throw at it. Plus, if you’re gutting fish on your boat, that can get messy pretty quickly.

With SpinAway, you can clean your vessel inside and out. When it’s out of the water, take the brush head to the hull to eliminate mud, barnacles, and more briny debris. In the boat itself, SpinAway can help to clean just about any surface, including your live well, your seats, the floor of your boat, your steering wheel, and much more.

6. SpinAway for Cleaning Patio Furniture

A GIF of a man using a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush to clean off a wooden patio table. The patio table is covered in soapy water.

Patio furniture is unlike your couch or your kitchen table. In most cases, it sits on the porch or in the backyard and is subject to everything Mother Nature has to throw at it. Rain, snow, insects, animal droppings — patio furniture gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned often.

In this case, two particular features of SpinAway are helpful:

  1. The fact that its bristles can reach deep into nooks and crannies
  2. The fact that you can use it with cleaning solutions

Soap, water, and SpinAway’s centrifugal force are a powerhouse for scrubbing dirt and debris off of your patio tables and chairs. A quick trip onto your back porch with a bucket of soapy water and a freshly charged drill and you’ll have your furniture in event-hosting shape in no time.

7. SpinAway for Cleaning Cars and Trucks

A GIF of a SpinAway rotary cleaning brush being used to clean snow off of a car on a wintry day.

Some people prefer to take their car to the carwash. Others, though, revel in the chance to take a weekend afternoon to clean, polish, and wax their vehicle in their driveway. If you prefer the latter, SpinAway can help.

Again, the power here comes in SpinAway’s brush bristles. They’re robust enough to remove dirt and debris from a car or truck but not so rough that they’ll scratch or damage your paint.

They’re also good for diving deep into the hard-to-reach areas. Wheel wells, truck beds, the roofs of large vehicles — SpinAway can reach them and clean just as effectively as scrubbing with a towel or sponge. Plus, it can help to knock off snow accumulation in colder climates.

What Else Can You Use SpinAway On?

Those are some of the most common and useful applications we’ve found for SpinAway after months of testing and cleaning.

But what else can it be used for?

When it comes to a tool like this, you’re really only limited by your creativity both in terms of residential and commercial cleaning applications.

We’ve had one of our partners who owns a string of hog farms use SpinAway to keep their pig pens cleaned and sanitized.

We’ve had several pest control operators we work with use SpinAway to eliminate spider webs and other insect nests during regular home visits.

You won’t know until you try. So, get one for yourself and use SpinAway to start cleaning more quickly and efficiently.

While you’re at it, be sure to read our article on rotary cleaning. It outlines additional tools like SpinAway that you can use to clean your gutters, your dryer vent, your chimney, and more!

Louis Greubel

Louis earned a bachelor's degree in English with a focus in rhetoric and composition from St. Louis University in 2017. He has worked in marketing as a content writer for over 5 years. Currently, he oversees the HY-C Learning Center, helping HY-C subject matter experts to share their decades of home solution products experience with homeowners and sales partners across the country.