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Houston: Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Services 2024

March 15th, 2024 | 3 min. read

By Louis Greubel

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Dryer vent cleaning is not only important for the efficiency of your machine, but also for your safety. The U.S. Fire Administration says that “failure to clean” is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires. That means it’s vital to hire a dryer vent cleaning service for yearly maintenance.

But in cities across the country, there are so many companies to choose from. How do you know which dryer vent cleaning company deserves your business?

We know a thing or two about dryer vents at HY-C. Between our space-saving SnugDryer kit and our LintEater cleaning kit, dryer vents are a big part of our business. And while we are not a dryer vent cleaning company, we do know a good one from a bad one. And we want to help you.

In this guide, we’re going to cover some of the best dryer vent cleaning companies in Houston, Texas. We’ll include company ratings, prices (as available), additional services each company offers, and more.

When you’re finished here, you’ll have the insight you need to choose the right company to clean your dryer vents.

Note that the companies here are listed in no particular order.

TakeAir Dryer Vent Cleaning

TakeAir Duct & Carpet Cleaning Specialists, LLC logo

Family-owned and operated, TakeAir has serviced over 75,000 customers around the Houston area. The company is licensed and insured, offers financing for their services, and even offers 24/7 emergency service in case something goes wrong.

Regarding their dryer vent cleaning services, the company lists a regular price of $240, but they often feature a 50% coupon on their website for a $119 cleaning. A cleaning generally takes about 30 minutes. They also won’t charge extra if your dryer vent terminates on your roof — an industry rarity.

In addition to dryer vent cleaning, the company offers a large list of additional residential services. They do air duct cleaning and replacement, HVAC repairs, chimney cleaning, and attic insulation. They also install UV light systems and electrostatic air filters.

On the commercial side, TakeAir offers air duct cleaning and replacements; HVAC cleaning, repairs, and replacements; and even dryer vent cleaning.

West Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning

The West Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning company logo.

West Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning is unique in that they focus solely on dryers and dryer venting. This focus has made them a trusted go-to in the Houston area since 2011. A veteran-led enterprise, the company has four pillars on which ii bases its business practices:

  1. Honesty
  2. Communication
  3. Upfront pricing
  4. Professionalism

They also outline a detailed, six-step process for their dryer vent cleaning services:

  1. They’ll check for airflow restrictions
  2. They inspect your vent system for kinks, cracks, or deterioration
  3. They make two passes minimum with their rotary cleaning brushes
  4. They vacuum out dryer lint as it’s dislodged
  5. They clean the transition vent connecting the dryer to the wall vent
  6. They hook the entire vent system back together and test it for proper function

While the company doesn’t list any specific prices for their services, their service area page indicates that they offer a 125% money-back guarantee of satisfaction should you experience any problems.

They also offer a six-month cleaning guarantee, a one-year warranty on repairs and installation, they background check their technicians, and they hire veterans.

West Houston Dryer Vent’s service area includes the cities of Montrose, Katy, Richmond, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Bellaire, and many other locations in and around Houston.

Top Star Air Pros Dryer Vent Cleaning

The Top Star Air Pros dryer vent cleaning company logo.

Top Star Air Pros has been in operation since 2009. They offer cleaning, installation, maintenance, and repair services for attics, air ducts, and chimneys. A family-owned business, the company headquarters is just east of the intersection of highway 69 and the Sam Houston Tollway.

They explain their dryer vent cleaning process in six steps:

  1. They start by inspecting for blockages, kinks, or damaged parts
  2. They make sure the outside outlet vent isn’t blocked or damaged
  3. They remove the dryer vent hose that connects the dryer to the wall vent
  4. They vacuum out lint and debris
  5. They inspect for additional blockages
  6. They reconnect your dryer vent hose and check for proper airflow

Top Star doesn’t mention prices for their dryer vent cleaning services on their website. They do, however, say that they’ll, “Provide an upfront price quote before starting the job.”

If you need additional work done, the company offers plenty of other residential and commercial services. They perform air duct cleaning and mold removal, HVAC and AC cleaning, and chimney inspection, sweeping, and repair.

Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the company serves many locations in the Houston metro area.

Which Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Should You Choose?

That rounds out our list for some of the best dryer vent cleaning companies in the Houston area. Even after all that information, you may still be wondering: “Which one should I choose?

The best way to decide is to consider what you want out of your service experience. If you prefer to budget ahead of time, TakeAir is the only company on this list with pricing available.

If you need prompt or emergency service, West Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning offers same-day or next-day service, while TakeAir offers 24/7 emergency service. Research each company, weigh their pros and cons, and choose the one that most closely matches what you need.

Some people, on the other hand, opt not to use a professional service at all. Instead, these more DIY-included individuals use a dryer vent cleaning kit to service their own vents.

If you’re interested, we’ve covered three of the top DIY dryer vent cleaning kits on the market in depth to help you find the right one. Whatever you decide, be sure to clean your vents at least once every year.

The Top 3 Dryer Vent Cleaning Kits Compared CTA

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