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Shelter Stove Board Wall Spacer Kit / ULSK

Shelter Type 2 Stove Boards are an essential accessory that can be installed as wall shields behind wood burning, gas, and pellet heating appliances to protect walls from intense heat and potential combustion. Shelter's Stove Board Wall Spacer Kit, when coupled with a Shelter Type 2 UL Listed Stove Board, creates 1" of airspace between the stove board and the wall, protecting it from intense heat. Our connector kit is UL complaint, safe, and easy to install. Made in the USA and backed by Shelter's Satisfaction Guaranteed / 90-Day Limited Warranty.

  • Designed for Use with Shelter Type 2 UL Listed Stove Boards
  • Allows a Convection Flow of Air Between the Type 2 UL Listed Stove Board and the Combustible Surface
  • UL Compliant / Tested to UL1618 Type 2
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! 90-Day Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA
Manufacturer #    Length x Width x Height (in) Retail Weight (lbs)
ULSK ¾ x 1-½ x 1 ½
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Shipping Weight (lbs)
ULSK 5 x 4-½ x 2-½ ½