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    Shelter EPA Certified Forced Air Wood Burning Furnaces

    Now Using Clean Burn Technology.

    Shelter furnaces are an excellent whole-home wood heating solution designed to maximize comfort. Our new Clean Burn Technology provides longer burn times, distributing more heat than pre-EPA approved furnaces, saving you wood, time, and money. Loaded with features that the competition considers options or upgrades, each Shelter furnace is engineered with the customer in mind. From our thermostatically controlled draft blower system to our low emissions, Shelter furnaces reliably deliver warm, clean heat. Green and efficient, Shelter furnaces are peak performers generating longer burn times and utilizing less wood.

    Enjoy up to 15-hours* of heat output from a single load of firewood! Initiated by our thermostatically controlled draft blower and self-regulating secondary air control system, our longer burn times eliminate worry between loads. Shelter’s use of the industry’s strongest blower provides whole-home circulation to deliver uniform warmth while the digital thermostat, located in your living area, monitors the temperature to maintain comfort. When the thermostat calls for heat, a draft blower automatically increases the burn rate, resulting in a higher heat output to warm your entire home. When the thermostat no longer calls for heat, the draft blower turns off, conserving fuel. Trips to the furnace to manually adjust heat output are eliminated. With over twenty new patents-pending, these brilliantly engineered units provide more reliable and consistent heat affording our customers less chopping, with less mess and clean-up. Convenience and safety are also designed into every Shelter furnace. Beyond the thermostat, most models include our exclusive 360° cast iron roller grate system and stainless-steel ash pan enabling easy maintenance and high efficiency. Every indoor furnace is equipped with an air filter box and easy access filter housing that keep the blower clean and maximize that clean distribution air. Shelter’s outdoor unit features our patented Heat Dump which protects critical electrical components in the event of a power failure.

    Shelter removes the anxiety of installation. Pre-wired electrical components, low clearances to combustibles, standard duct connections, and an easy to assemble filter box make your Shelter furnace as close to plug-and play as it gets! A companion Shelter Furnace Installation Video is also included with every furnace.

    Every Shelter wood burning furnace is EPA Certified to exceed new EPA Warm Air Furnace Standards. Certified to CSA B415.1-2010, UL391, and CSA B366.1-2011 standards.

    Engineered and designed to ensure years of reliable performance, each furnace is manufactured using heavy-gauge steel and high-quality components. Shelter’s 5-year firebox and grate warranty, 1-year distribution blower warranty, and 1-year electrical components warranty are all backed by over 70 years of manufacturing excellence.

    Manufactured in St. Louis, MO, every Shelter furnace proudly displays its MADE IN THE USA label.

    Shelter. Green & Efficient: Less Wood, More Comfort.

    *Performance based upon independent certified test lab results. Individual results may vary depending upon model, size, quality of wood, installation specific requirements, and desired heat output.