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HY-C Products

Home Protection from Roof to Foundation

Discover a collection of home solution products that empowers you to keep your number one investment — your home — safe and protected against weather, wear, and wildlife.

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Get the Best out of Your Home

You should be safe and comfortable where you live. Our selection of home solution products will help you stay ahead of costly repairs and on top of your home maintenance.

We've Got Answers

Questions about our products?  No problem! Here are some of the ones we hear most often ... coupled with our honest answers. 

If we haven't answered yours below, reach out! We're always here to help.


Where are HY-C® products manufactured?

Where can I purchase HY-C® products?

How do I register my HY-C® product’s warranty?

What if I have questions about HY-C® products?

What if I’m interested in selling HY-C® products?

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Getting the best life possible out of your home doesn’t need to be hard. Find the right solution for you by clicking our Product Locator below.