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SpinAway™ Rotary Cleaning Kit / SP1

SpinAway's™ Rotary Cleaning Kit puts The Power to Clean Faster™ in your hands! Powered by your cordless drill, SpinAway™ attacks dust, dirt, and grime deep-cleaning surfaces both indoors and out, wet or dry. Our patented easy-glide grip facilitates maximum control while extending your reach more than 10 feet! Lightweight, easy to use, and gentle on delicate surfaces, SpinAway’s™ forward or reverse rotation deep cleans cracks and crevices while eliminating climbing, bending, and stooping. For use on endless commercial and residential cleaning applications.

SpinAway™ Revolutionizes Cleaning with Controlled Spinning Power™!


  • Lightweight: Only 1.9 lbs!
  • Forward or Reverse Rotation Cuts Cleaning Time!
  • Gentle on Delicate Surfaces!
  • 3’-5’ Expandable Pole Extends Your Reach Up To 10 Feet!
  • Connects to Any Cordless Drill to SpinAway Dust, Dirt, and Grime!
  • Patented Easy-Glide Grip for Maximum Reach and Control!
  • Don’t Climb, Bend, or Stoop to Deep Clean Cracks and Crevices!
  • For Endless Easy to Use, Easy to Clean Commercial and Residential Applications!
  • Includes: (1) SpinAway™ Pole with Drill Adapter, (1) SpinAway™ Brush Head // Drill Not Included
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! 1-Year Limited Warranty
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Retail Weight (lbs)
5 x 3-½ x 37
24" x 20" x 52"
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Shipping Weight (lbs)
14-¾ x 5-⅜ x 38-¼
24" x 20" x 48"

Meet Paul Manning, the inventor of SpinAway™.

During a time when Paul was sick, he could no longer help his employees scrub baseboards in his janitorial business. Because of his need to keep working, Paul invented a solution: the SpinAway™ Rotary Cleaning Kit!

What was initially intended to help the sick and elderly ended up being a huge asset to Paul, his employees, and his janitorial business. SpinAway™ enabled them to finish cleaning jobs in a third of the time! After just a short season of use, Paul knew that SpinAway™ … and eliminating the climbing, bending, and stooping required when cleaning … was a great idea! "SpinAway™ has turned into our most efficient helper ever -- cleaning wet, dry, high, and low!" declares Paul.

Designed to eliminate climbing, bending, and stooping, SpinAway™ has revolutionized the cleaning industry. Don't just take Paul's word for it, check it out for yourself!

SpinAway™ Revolutionizes Cleaning with Controlled Spinning Power™

"Love my SpinAway™ cleaner! I can clean my base boards, tub, ceiling, and fans in no time, love it!"
- Phyllis

"I use SpinAway™ monthly on my jobs; I clean houses and job-sites. SpinAway™ alleviates the need for ladders as well as a second person to get a job done. I use it to clean ceilings up to 16 feet tall. It saves my time and I always have a happy client! Everyone that watches me, a 4 ft.-11 in. woman, use it always asks where to find it. It is the best cleaning tool for me!"
- Kathy

"The SpinAway™ product has shown me that I can do anything in half the time I thought it would take! Every spring we would drain our pool and start over. It was costly, a huge mess, and very time consuming! We'd have to set an entire weekend just to drain and clean the pool. Now with SpinAway, I just walk around the pool spinning the brush to move all the debris and algae away from the sides. SpinAway™ cleans the side walls, our steps. and helps to mix the chemicals in the pool. Now it takes us only a few hours, as opposed to 2 - 3 days, to clean the pool. Best secret ever!!!!"
- Tisha