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LintEater® Pro Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System / RLE208

The most valuable tool you can own to ensure the safe operation of your clothes dryer is the LintEater Pro. The LintEater Pro, designed for homeowners by a leading manufacturer of professional duct cleaning equipment, makes the regular maintenance of your dryer vent system easy with the security of button-link quick connections. Button- link quick connects allow both forward and reverse operation of the LintEater Pro which effectively removes dangerous lint buildup in almost every type of dryer vent, eliminating a leading cause of house fires. The auger brush and flexible extension rods button-link together and spin when powered by your cordless drill (not included). The rotating action of the auger brush and flexible rods scours your entire vent wall surface while traversing the multiple turns that are common in most dryer vent systems. Completely remove all loosened lint from the vent while brushing with the included shop vac or blower adapter. Exceptional reach also makes it a snap to clean behind, underneath and all around your dryer, appliances, baseboard heating vents and other hard-to-reach areas. Reduce drying times and save money on utility bills while ensuring the safety of your home: it’s easy when cleaning with Gardus power!

LintEater Pro: Everything you need to clean and maintain your dryer vent system with professional results!

  • Removes Dangerous Lint Buildup in Dryer Vents
  • Reduces Drying Times and Saves Money on Utility Bills
  • Ensures the Safety of Your Home
  • Powered by Your Cordless Drill (Not Included)
  • Flexible Rods Navigate Multiple Turns
  • Button-Link Quick Connects Allow Forward and Reverse Operation
  • 9’-Long Extension Kit Available (Model No. PRD303)
  • Includes: 4 Qty. 3’-Long Flexible Button-Link Quick Connect Rods; 1 Qty. Blockage Removal Tool; 1 Qty. Vacuum Adapter; 1 Qty. Self-Feeding 4” Auger Brush; 1 Qty. 2 ½” Diameter Lint Brush; 1 Qty. Dryer Adapter; 1 Qty. Operator's Manual
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Retail Weight (lbs)
RLE208 4-¾ x 3-½ x 37 1-¼
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Shipping Weight (lbs)
RLE208 40-¾ x 6-⅜ x 6-⅜ 2-¼