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GutterSweep by Gardus | GS900

The GutterSweep allows homeowners to safely and effectively maintain their gutters without stepping foot on a ladder! Designed by a leading manufacturer of professional duct cleaning equipment, this unique 12-piece system includes everything you need to quickly inspect, clean, and maintain your gutters from ground level. The combination of rotary power and non-rotary tools with built-in water jet nozzles helps maintain proper gutter drainage and helps to prevent roof leaks, mold growth, and insect nesting with routine gutter maintenance. Take control of home interior, foundation, wood fascia, siding, basement, and landscaping damage resulting from clogged gutters. GutterSweep utilizes ultra-lite, extendable pole sections equipped with a rotary drive that connects to your cordless drill -- or a water connection to attach to a standard hose -- for easy gutter maintenance. Reduce your risk of injury from ladder falls, eliminate costly damage to your home due to gutter maintenance neglect, and prevent problems arising from clogged gutters: it’s easy when cleaning with Gardus power!

GutterSweep: Everything you need to clean and maintain your gutters with professional results!

    • No Ladders Needed
    • Safely and Effectively Maintains Gutters from the Ground Up
    • Reduces Risk of Injury from Ladder Falls
    • Prevents Clogged Gutter Problems
    • Helps Maintain Proper Gutter Drainage
    • Helps Prevent Roof Leaks, Mold Growth, and Insect Nesting
    • Eliminates Costly ‘Gutter Maintenance Neglect’ Damage
    • Powered by Your Cordless Drill (Not Included)
    • Water Connection to a Standard Hose
    • Non-Rotary Tools with Built-In Water Jet Nozzles
    • 6’-Long Extension Kit Available (Model No. GSX906)
    • Includes: 2Qty. 3’-Rotary Drive Extension Poles; 1 Qty. Curved Tube with Flex Drive; 1 Qty. Right-Angle Gear Drive; 1 Qty. Drill Adapter; 1 Qty. Flow-Through Threaded Adapter; 1 Qty. Gutter Brush with Water Jet Nozzle; 1 Qty. Gutter Scoop with Water Jet Nozzle; 1 Qty. Rotary Paddle Brush; 1 Qty. Water Control Valve; 1 Qty. Grip Handle; 1 Qty. Digital Camera Mount; 1 Qty. Button-Release Tool
Manufacturer # (in) Retail Weight (lbs)
GS900 6 ½” x 13 3⁄8” x 40” 5 ¼
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Shipping Weight (lbs)
GS900 40 ¾” x 6 3⁄8” x 6 3⁄8” 6 ¼