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Fire Chief EPA Certified Wood Burning Indoor Furnace / FC1000E

Whole Home Heating Solution

The FC1000E entered the market with few competitors as an industry-leading EPA Certified furnace. Fire Chief continues to perfect its Whole-Home Heating Solution guarantee by delivering warmer air, cleaner exhaust, and longer burn times. Pound for pound, the FC1000E generates the most clean-burning heat per fuel load of wood in the warm air furnace industry today.

  • Longer Burn Times Eliminate Worry Between Loads
  • Whole-Home Heating Circulation Delivers Uniform Warmth
  • Digital Thermostat Monitors Temperature and Maintains Comfort
  • Heats Up to 2,500 sq. ft. Comfortably with Clean Burn Technology
  • Generates a Maximum Peak Heat Output of 152,000 BTU¹.
  • 3.4 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Lined Firebox and Fixed Grate System Accept 20” Logs
  • Pre-Wired, Front-Mounted Draft Inducer Simplifies Installation
  • Optional Steel Stand Makes Loading Easier
  • Easy-Access, Slide-In Filter Keeps Blower Clean and Maximizes Distribution Air
  • Longer Burn Times and Higher Heat Distribution Out-Perform Pre-EPA Furnaces
  • Ideal for Small Spaces and Tight Installations with Minimized Dimensions and Improved Clearance-to-Combustible Minimums

Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri for over 40 years, every Fire Chief wood furnace is engineered for performance and proudly displays its MADE IN THE USA label.

Fire Chief. Burns Longer. Burns Hotter. Burns Cleaner.


¹Based upon tested efficiency at Maximum Peak Input. BTU output cycles            dependent upon the amount, frequency, and quality of wood. It is not a               continuous, steady output.

    • EPA Certified
    • Whole-Home Heating Solution
    • 3.4 cu. ft. Firebox, Up to 20” Logs
    • Recommended Heating Area: 1,000 - 2,500 sq. ft.
    • Maximum Peak Input¹: 221,000 BTU
    • Maximum Peak Output²: 152,000 BTU
    • Average Output Capacity³: 46,435 BTU
    • Extended Burn Time [Up to 9 Hours] with Clean Burn Technology
    • High Capacity Distribution Blower
    • Fixed Cast Iron Grate
    • Easy Access Ash Pan
    • Overall Installed Dimensions: W: 26” D: 45 ½” H: 42”
    • Digital Thermostat with Draft Inducer
    • Pre-Wired Electrical Components
    • Stainless Steel Lined Firebox
    • Tested Emissions: 1.07 gr/hr | 0.14 lbs/MMBtu
    • Low Clearance to Combustibles: Side: 6” Back: 12”
    • Requires 6” Chimney
    • 5-Year Firebox & Grate Warranty
    • 2-Year Blower Warranty
    • 1-Year Electrical Components Warranty
    • Installation DVD Included
    • Toll Free Customer Support | 1-800-325-7076
    • Made in the USA


    ¹Based upon 10lbs. per CF firebox capacity and 8,500 BTU per lb. of wood.

    ²Based upon tested efficiency at Maximum Peak Input. BTU output cycles dependent upon the amount, frequency, and quality of wood. It is not a continuous, steady output. 

    ³Estimated based upon high burn rates and achieved burn times.

Manufacturer # Width x Depth x Height (in) Retail Weight (lbs)
FC1000E 26” x 45 ½ ” x 42” 435
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Shipping Weight (lbs)
FC1000E 30” x 40” x 66” 480