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Grate Recognition: Understand the Forge

Liberty Foundry forged bar grates are constructed of 5/8” solid, heavy-duty steel bars which stand up to the hottest of fires. By comparison, inexpensive bar grates deliver a hallow counterfeit that’s prone to burn-through and buckles under heat. Our solid steel bar grates are forged with long-term durability in mind equipping you with long-term performance. You’ll feel the difference of a Liberty Foundry grate right out of the box!

Grate Design: There’s a Reason it Burns So Hot

No airflow … no fire. Problem solved! Liberty Foundry steel bar grates provide maximum airflow under the fire to encourage efficient burning while conquering frustrations caused by poorly drafting chimneys. Our grates lift wood off the firebox floor and securely hold it above ash build-up, allowing air to circulate freely and fan your flame. In addition, our steel bar grates are designed with optimized depths enabling easy wood loading while safely containing the hottest of fires. Crafted with 5/8” solid, heavy-duty steel bar stock, Liberty Foundry grates are forged for the daily burner.

Liberty Foundry: Forged for the Daily Burner.

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