A drawing of a white house with a brown roof and a green yard showing the various spots on the home where HY-C products are installed

What’s Included in the HY-C Product Family?

HY-C started as a chimney cap manufacturer in 1947. And while we’ve continued producing chimney caps for over 75 years, our business has expanded quite a bit in that time. Since 1999, we’ve started or acquired many new brands and dipped our toes into an array of new product categories.

One of the first questions we get from retailers and distributors when exploring new sales partnerships is, “What kinds of products do you have to offer?” And that’s exactly the question we’re going to answer here.

In this guide, we’ll lay out all the product categories we serve. And while we won’t include every single product we make (because that list stretches into the hundreds for the chimney cap category alone), by the time you’re finished here, you’ll understand what products HY-C has to offer, and how those products can augment your business’s selection.

Chimney Caps

Various chimney caps of different sizes, shapes, and metal types on a white background

As we mentioned, we’ve been making chimney caps for over three quarters of a century. They’re what we know best. HY-C offers the widest selection of chimney caps of any manufacturer in America, and in partnering with HY-C, you’ll be able to offer them to your customers.

We make chimney caps from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper for single-flue and multi-flue chimneys. And even if one of our dozens of stock chimney caps doesn’t fit your customer’s home, HY-C manufactures custom chimney caps, too.

Wood Burning Furnaces

A Fire Chief FC1000E wood burning furnace and a Shelter SF1000E wood burning furnace next to each other against a white background

Over a decade ago, HY-C acquired Fire Chief, an industry leader in wood burning central heating furnaces. After integrating Fire Chief into HY-C, we worked to create additional furnaces under our Shelter brand name as well.

While HY-C furnace models have come and gone over the years due to EPA regulations, we currently offer:

  • The Fire Chief FC1000E wood burning furnace
  • The Shelter SF1000E wood burning furnace

Many of the original Fire Chief staff are still with us today, and they continue to work within the EPA’s regulations to develop new indoor and outdoor furnaces.

Fireplace Grates

Six Liberty Foundry Co. fireplace grates of different styles and sizes lined up with each other on a white background

Through the years, our hearth product offering has grown quite a bit. As we developed more and more chimney caps and furnaces, eventually, it made sense to start making fireplace grates, too.

Manufactured under our Liberty Foundry Co. brand name, most of our fireplace grates are cast iron (with the exception of our Steel Bar Grate Series).

Currently, we make five lines of fireplace grates:

  • The Franklin G Series
  • The G500 Sampson Series
  • The G800 Series
  • The G1000 Series
  • The GT SAF-T-GRATE Series
  • The Steel Bar Grate Series

Available in several sizes and with a variety of features from line to line, these grates fit just about any size of wood burning fireplace and hold up season after season.

Log Racks

From left to right: a crescent-shaped log rack, a regular log rack, and a log rack with a cover, all loaded with firewood

As we developed more and more wood burning-related products, we thought it would be helpful for our partners to manufacture wood storage solutions as well. So we began making log racks under our Shelter brand, and we offer them in a couple different styles:

  • Our standard log rack (in small, medium, extra-large, and extra-large tall)
  • A crescent-shaped log rack (available in two sizes)

We also offer an adjustable log rack, a log rack extension kit, a DIY log rack bracket kit, and a log caddy for easily transporting split firewood. We create covers that fit all of our standard log racks, too, to keep firewood dry and well-seasoned.

Stove Boards

A gray, woodgrain, and black stove board stacked and staggered on a white background

Many heating appliances (especially pellet and wood stoves) require ember and thermal protection against the heat they radiate. Yet many of these appliances are installed within close proximity to combustible materials (i.e., drywall or wood floors).

The solution? Stove boards — a mineral fiber board wrapped in steel that provides the thermal and ember protection that pellet stoves and wood stoves require. We offer stove boards in a variety of sizes and colorways to accommodate the aesthetics and logistics of most wood burning appliance installations.

Smokeless Fire Pits

Two stainless steel Flame Genie smokeless fire pits and two black Flame Genie smokeless fire pits against a white background

In 2014, we expanded further into the wood burning and hearth products space by acquiring Flame Genie, a fire pit manufacturer. These smokeless fire pits work by combining low-moisture pellet fuel and a bottom-to-top airflow design to create a truly smoke-free wood burning experience.

We manufacture two models of smokeless fire pits: the original 16” Flame Genie and the 19” Flame Genie Inferno. Both models are available either in unpainted stainless steel or galvanized steel with a black powder coat finish.

Heat Reclaimers

The 6-inch and 8-inch models of the Magic Heat heat reclaimers next to each other against a white background

In 2014, in addition to Flame Genie, we also acquired Magic Heat — a line of wood stove heat reclaimers. The inner workings of a heat reclaimer are complex, but in short, the device is installed on the chimney pipe of a pellet stove or wood stove. As heat travels up the flue, a fan on the back of the heat reclaimer blows that heat back into the room, increasing the overall heat output of the stove.

Our current selection of Magic Heat heat reclaimers are compatible with wood or coal burning appliances only (but are not compatible with gas heaters). We manufacture two models — one to fit 6” stove pipes, and one to fit 8” stove pipes.

Fireplace Accessories

The stainless steel and black family of Liberty Foundry Co. fireplace firebacks, as well as the three sizes of Liberty Foundry Co. smoke guards, all against a white background

Rounding out our collection of hearth products is our group of fireplace accessories: fireplace firebacks and our fireplace smoke guards.

Firebacks are used in a fireplace to reflect additional heat back into the room, increasing the heat output of the fireplace. Made from either stainless steel or galvanized steel, the fireback sits in the back of the firebox and can be angled on its stand to reflect heat optimally.

Smoke guards are installed on the top and front of a fireplace. Their purpose is to prevent smoke from exiting the firebox and pouring back into your home. They do so by decreasing the surface area of your fireplace opening, thereby improving the draw of your flue, keeping smoke moving up the chimney.

Wildlife Exclusion

Various HY-GUARD EXCLUSION vent covers, screens, and guards laying down next to each other against a white background

In 2018, we introduced our HY-GUARD EXCLUSION brand to serve the wildlife exclusion market. Living spaces across the country have vulnerable spots on them (like dryer vent openings, chimneys, foundation vents, and soffit vents) where animals of all sizes can get in. HY-GUARD’s wildlife exclusion devices cover these openings to keep critters out.

Our exclusion product category is complex, because every product is developed both for the size and habits of certain critters. But the line can essentially be narrowed down into two product types: exclusion screens and exclusion guards.

Screens are installed over flat openings like soffit vents and foundation vents. Guards are designed to cover protrusions like dryer vents and roof vents. We also manufacture Pest Armor — a style of screen made with tighter metal mesh designed to keep insects out.

Rotary Cleaning

Clockwise: the contents of the LintEater dryer vent cleaning kit, the SootEater chimney cleaning kit, the GutterSweep gutters cleaning kit, and the SpinAway rotary cleaning tool

Over the past few years, we’ve developed a few drill-powered cleaning implements. These rotary cleaning tools utilize the torque of a drill to clean faster, better, and more efficiently.

We currently make four rotary cleaning tools, all designed for unique purposes:

All of these products exist under our Gardus brand name and come with additional bells and whistles to make their respective cleaning jobs simpler.

Outdoor Power Equipment Upgrades

The entirety of the Good Vibrations product lineup in packaging against a white background

Finally, in 2023, we acquired Good Vibrations — a line of outdoor power equipment upgrades. These devices are used on lawn tractors, riding mowers, weed eaters, and other lawn care tools to make mowing easier and more efficient.

Consisting of hitches, hitch pins, mower starter handles, and much more, Good Vibrations is our biggest departure from our traditional fall and winter product lines into something designed especially for spring and summer.

Our Good Vibrations product guide takes a closer look at each product in the line to give you a sense of what they are and how they work.

How Do You Start Selling HY-C Products?

And that’s it — the entire HY-C product catalog from top to bottom. Whether you’re a distributor or a retail buyer, there’s a good chance that your business is a great fit for at least some of the products we manufacture.

But how do you start stocking and selling HY-C products?

It all starts with becoming a HY-C sales partner. After a simple, straightforward onboarding process, you’ll have access to the entire scope of our product catalog. Whether you’re a small company or a multinational retailer, you’ll be able to stock products that will help to increase your average ticket price, facilitate incremental sales, and grow your company’s revenue.

If you need any help through the sales partner onboarding process or you have questions about finding the right products for your business, one of our account managers will be happy to help. Their mission is to ensure you have all the tools you need to transport, display, and sell HY-C products as effectively as possible, no matter how your business operates.

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The HY-C company logo made from metal and painted red, mounted on a wall with overhead lighting hitting it

How to Become a HY-C Sales Partner

At HY-C, we’ve been fortunate to cultivate a robust, diverse network of sales partners over the years. Our selection of chimney caps, hearth products, rotary cleaning tools, and outdoor power equipment upgrades touch quite a few different industries, so we’ve had the privilege of working with all kinds of businesses.

From small-town farm and home retailers to multinational chains, HY-C works with many types of companies. Because of that, we’ve learned how to accommodate a diverse range of business needs, no matter your company’s size or the industry you work in.

If you want to join that network and sell HY-C products, it can be tough to know where to start. What information do you need to provide? How do you provide it? What does the beginning of a sales relationship with HY-C look like?

In this guide, we’re going to explain exactly how to become a HY-C sales partner. We’ll cover all the information we need from you to get started, how to apply for credit, and what to do if your business is sales tax exempt.

By the time you’re finished here, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart the process of becoming a HY-C sales partner.

The HY-C Sales Partner Application

A HY-C customer application resting on a wooden desk with a pen sitting on the application

The piece that drives the entire process of becoming a sales partner is the HY-C sales partner application. In this form, you’ll provide important information that will make it easier for us to do business together.

To make the process easy and efficient, we categorize our partners into one of four groups:

  1. Not requesting a line of credit and not exempt from sales taxes
  2. Requesting a line of credit and not exempt from sales taxes
  3. Requesting a line of credit and exempt from sales taxes
  4. Not requesting a line of credit and exempt from sales taxes

The amount of information you provide in the sales partner application depends on which category you fall into. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the application section by section.

Section 1: General Information

A red rectangle with white text on it that reads, "Section 1: General Information"


To start, we’ll ask for some basic information about your company, including:

  • A company phone number
  • A company email address
  • A company fax number
  • Your website
  • Any company social media accounts

We’ll also ask for some location information, such as:

  • The company address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code

The application will also ask for the shipping address of your company. This address is important, as it determines where we’ll send your purchasing orders.

Business Information

In the general information section, we’ll also ask for the date your business started and the number of employees your business has.

We’ll ask you to provide your business’s SIC code — a four-digit U.S. government code used to classify businesses by which type of industry they’re in.

The form also asks for a DUNS number — a number issued by a company called Dun & Bradstreet that’s used to establish the creditworthiness of a company.

There are also spots for you to indicate:

  • Which type of business you are (i.e., individual, partnership, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.)
  • Whether or not you are part of a buying group (and if so, which group)
  • Whether or not your company is sales tax exempt

Company Contact Information

This section asks for names, email addresses, and phone numbers (with extensions, if applicable) for key company contacts, including:

  • Accounts payable
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Order confirmations
  • Invoices
  • Shipping notices

Finally, the general information section ends by asking if your business is a warehouse account, whether or not your business is a drop ship account, and if you would like to allow backorders.

Section 2: Line of Credit Request

A red rectangle with white text reading, "Section 2: Line of Credit Request"

If your company is not requesting a line of credit from HY-C, you can check the “No” box and skip this section of the application entirely.

If you are requesting a line of credit, though, you’ll need to indicate your requested credit limit on the application. We’ll also require a bank reference and a reference from up to three other suppliers with whom you currently do business.

The references you supply should meet the following criteria:

  • You must have been doing business with your reference within the past 3 years
  • Your lines of credit established with your references should be similar to the dollar amount of credit you request from HY-C

Be sure that you do not submit references who you don’t want HY-C to contact. Also, accurate information will expedite the application process, so double-check your references’ contact information before submitting your application.

Section 3: Principals/Officers Responsible for Commercial Transactions

A red rectangle with white text reading, "Principals/Officers Responsible for Commercial Transactions"

This section is relatively simple: we’ll ask for some basic information about the owners or shareholders of your company. They’ll be asked to provide:

  • Their name and title
  • Their address, city, state, and postal code
  • Their percentage of ownership in the company
  • A signature and date

The application provides space for information from three company principals. If your company has more than three principals, be sure to duplicate this page of the application to supply additional information.

Section 4: Sales Tax

A red rectangle with white text reading, "Section 4: Sales Tax Exempt Status"

Finally, we’ll ask for your sales tax exemption information. If your company is not sales tax exempt, simply check the “not sales tax exempt” box and skip this part of the form.

If your company is sales tax exempt, you’ll need to provide your sales tax exemption form (also known as a resale certification). You can send this information by mail or electronically.

HY-C uses CertExpress from Avalara to collect digital exemption certificates from applicants. The sales partner application provides a link to the CertExpress tool where you can securely submit exemption certificates to HY-C.

The final page of the application contains a section for you to authorize the release of your bank information for the purpose of a credit check. You’ll need to provide:

  • The name of your credit institution
  • Your company’s bank account number
  • A signature
  • Your printed name
  • The date

How do New Sales Partners Start Purchasing HY-C Products?

After your application is submitted, we’ll verify your sales tax exempt status and run a credit check, both of which don’t take more than a few business days (or less). After everything is confirmed, you’ll be officially onboarded as a HY-C sales partner!

But now that you’ve been onboarded, how do you start ordering products?

As a new sales partner, you can send orders to your account representative through email, or you can fax orders to us. But the vast majority of our sales partners utilize some kind of EDI (electronic data interchange) software to place their purchase orders.

And whichever EDI system your company utilizes, our sales force and IT team are more than happy to work with you to integrate our systems to facilitate a seamless, efficient ordering pipeline. Get in touch with a HY-C account manager to get started today!

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The HY-C company logo with the words "Learning Center" underneath

How the HY-C Learning Center can Help Your Business

HY-C recently launched a repository of free online resources called the Learning Center. It contains in-depth product reviews, comparisons, guides, and more written content about the categories we serve and the products we manufacture.

We publish 3 new pieces of content a week to our Learning Center in an effort to provide tools for our sales partners and to educate their customers.

But what does this content have to do with you as a sales partner? How can you use it? How can it help grow your business?

In this guide, we’re going to cover just what the HY-C Learning Center can do for you. We’ll include tips on how to utilize the content, how it can help optimize your website, and more information on how you can get the best out of the HY-C Learning Center.

The HY-C Learning Center Helps Create Well-Educated Customers

This is a benefit that doesn’t necessarily require any direct action on your part. One of the primary goals of the content in the Learning Center is to help homeowners learn about chimney caps, wood burning furnaces, wildlife exclusion products, and more of the products that we manufacture (and that you sell).

There are ways that you can use and distribute the content in the Learning Center (we’ll get into those in a bit), but since its launch in September of 2023, the Learning Center’s readership has climbed into the thousands.

As homeowners search online for questions that they have about our products, they discover the Learning Center and become better-educated buyers. That means by the time they end up in your store, they’ll know exactly what they need and how it works, saving your employees time and generating sales for your business.

The HY-C Learning Center Can Help Educate Your Employees

If you’re a retailer and you carry HY-C products in your store, they’ll sell most effectively if your employees understand the products and can explain their nuances to your customers. But it can be tough for a retail employee to learn everything there is to know about your store’s entire product selection. That’s where the Learning Center comes in.

For example, if you sell wood burning furnaces, your employees need to be able to explain exactly how to burn wood in a furnace. Our best burn practices guide covers that topic in depth.

If you carry Solo Stove smokeless fire pits and our Flame Genie smokeless fire pits, your employees need to understand the differences between those two products to help your customers decide which one is best for them. Our Flame Genie vs. Solo Stove guide can help.

The examples are endless, and the volume of content we’ve published (and will continue to publish) on our products specifically and our categories in general can help to sharpen your employees’ skills and make them more effective educators of your customers.

The same principle applies if you’re a distributor. If your salespeople sell HY-C products to dealers, they’ll sell more effectively if they can explain how Good Vibrations products can drive incremental sales, or how it’s a good sales opportunity to stock LintEater in their stores.

Use the Learning Center to educate your employees so they can, in turn, educate your customers and generate sales.

The HY-C Learning Can Help Boost Your SEO Efforts

A chart showing organic traffic searches trending up with 2.8K searches a month, an improvement rate of +37.03%

The wonderful world of SEO is as complex and confusing as it is rewarding and exciting. The Google search algorithms seem almost arbitrary, and it can be tough to stay on top of SEO best practices and trends. One SEO practice that has remained rock-solid through the years, though, is backlinking.

Unlike other ranking metrics, it’s pretty well-established by this point that outbound links have a positive effect on SEO — you may have noticed that this section of this article already contains three of them. Linking to other authoritative websites sends signals to search engines that your site is also a reliable source of good information.

With that said, if your website has a blog or any kind of repository of published content, never hesitate to link to content from the HY-C Learning Center where it makes sense, especially if you cover similar topics. It will help HY-C improve our backlink profile, and it will help you improve your SEO signals to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing by linking to written content straight from the manufacturer.

The HY-C Learning Center Can Enhance E-Commerce Product Pages

Do you sell HY-C products online? The Learning Center can be particularly effective for you and your business, especially on product description pages. Well-educated buyers make better buying decisions, end up more satisfied with their purchases, and are less likely to make returns. And the HY-C Learning Center has already developed the tools you need to help educate your customers best.

Take chimney caps as an example. One of the most important aspects of finding the right chimney cap for your flue is finding the right size. And with so many size options available, customers may get confused and worry about choosing the wrong cap size.

A HY-C chimney cap product description page with a link to an article about chimney caps demonstrating that clicking the link opens that article

Adding a link to our chimney cap size guide on your chimney caps’ product description pages can help customers quickly determine which size they need, making for a better shopping experience.

This isn’t limited to chimney caps, either. With articles such as “Everything You Need to Know about Fireplace Firebacks”, “Is a Wood Burning Furnace Right for You?” and “The Benefits of Foundation Vent Covers”, there are dozens of Learning Center articles you can add to your website’s product pages to help educate your customers and create a better shopping experience.

The HY-C Learning Center Has Content Written Specifically for Sales Partners

An educated shopper makes better buying decisions and winds up happier with the purchase. Similarly, an educated sales partner is armed with the tools they need to make the best decisions to help their business grow.

The HY-C Learning Center isn’t just for your customers; it’s for you, too. We work to develop content to make it easier to do business with us, answering the burning questions and concerns you may have before you even have to voice them.

You can find this sales partner-related content by navigating to the HY-C Learning Center, scrolling down to the “Filter by Topic” tab, and selecting the “Sales Partners” filter.

How Can You Start to Use the HY-C Learning Center for Your Business?

Our Learning Center has been live for over 6 months at this point, and we plan to keep adding content to it for years to come. After all, customers never run out of questions and concerns, and as long as there is a need to address them, the Learning Center will.

So, as a HY-C sales partner, how can you start utilizing the Learning Center today?

Well, if you own retail stores, start sharing the content with your employees. The better-educated they are, the more well-equipped they’ll be to assist your customers and address their needs.

If you’re a distributor, share the Learning Center with your sales team. Content exists not only to help them understand the basics of the HY-C products you sell, but also how to sell the products efficiently and effectively.

If you sell our products online, link to Learning Center articles on your product pages or on your own blog. Your customers will get in-depth product information straight from the manufacturer, and you’ll send strong SEO signals to search engines to improve your website’s ranking.

Either way, the best place to start is in the Learning Center itself. You’re already here  — welcome! — so continue to peruse our volumes of written content. Educate yourself and learn how to educate your employees and customers so you can continue to grow your business.

A photograph of every HY-C employee standing on the HY-C factory floor in matching shirts

12 Ways HY-C Can Help You Grow Your Business

It’s important to choose who you do business with carefully. We know that — we’re a business ourselves. You have to be judicious when vetting new partners to ensure both parties get the best out of the relationship.

When we work with other companies, whether they’re sales partners, raw materials providers, or even the caterer for our annual Christmas party, we always ask ourselves, “Which options do we have, and which one should we choose?”

We’d expect nothing less from anybody who’s considering working with us. Whether HY-C is completely new to you or you already know a bit about us, you wouldn’t be doing your job if you weren’t asking, “Why should I partner with HY-C? What’s in it for me?

In this guide, we’re going to attempt to answer that question. And while there’s the obvious potential for an undercurrent of bias in our answer, we’re going to be as objective as possible.

Because we understand that doing business with every single company who contacts us is not (and should not be) our goal; instead, we’re interested in finding who’s a good fit to partner with us.

So, presented here are 12 benefits of being a HY-C sales partner. By the time you’re finished, you’ll understand specifically what HY-C has to offer your business, and, given what you learn, you’ll be ready to get in touch with one of our account managers.

1. We’ve Been in Business for over 75 Years

A black-and-white photo of the HY-C team standing outside their manufacturing facility (circa 1975)

One of the biggest and most understandable concerns about working with a new partner is ensuring they aren’t some fly-by-night group set up in the past six months. And that’s certainly not who we are.

HY-C is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that’s been around since 1947. We’re financially sound, we have a robust network of upstream and downstream business partners, and we employ top talent in our area to help facilitate our operations. Speaking of which…

2. We Have over 100 Employees

Why would a potential sales partner care about how many individuals their prospect employs? Well, that specific number — over 100 — speaks to the scale and speed at which we operate. We consider our business to be in a sort of “Goldilocks zone” — not too big, not too small, but just right.

Working with a very small business may result in your needs not being met in a timely manner or an inability to keep up with your targets and goals.

At the same time, working with a very large business can entail bureaucratic headaches. There may be multiple layers of consideration or approval to work through in order to complete a project or get an order through.

At HY-C, we have the logistical capacity to keep pace with the demands of big-box chains and large, robust distribution partners. But we also have the flexibility to pivot, make changes, accommodate special orders, and develop new products quickly with our partners out in the field — all because we’re just the right size.

3. Our Customer Base is Diverse

We work with companies of all sizes at HY-C. From large, multinational retailers who order thousands of SKUs per month to sole proprietors who carry just a few of our products, our list of sales partners numbers in the hundreds, and no two are quite alike.

All of this is to say that we have the experience to handle your business, too — no matter your size or needs. And we don’t play favorites based on numbers. Whether you order $100 worth of product or $100,000, we’re committed to delivering the same partnership experience for everyone.

4. We Have over 250,000 Square Feet of Manufacturing and Fulfillment Space

Between our office space, our factory, and our two warehouses, our facilities are well-oiled machines that work in conjunction with each other to turn raw materials into merchandise on your store shelves.

Plus, our factory and our offices exist in the same building. This reality facilitates rapid new product development efforts and allows our team to fulfill specialized, custom orders in a timely manner.

5. We Take an Inventory-Heavy Approach to Manufacturing

Our factory is never left waiting on raw materials to manufacture our products. We keep six to nine months of raw materials on hand, allowing us to stay on top of orders and prepare for any uncertainties that may surface.

In other words, you’ll never be left waiting for products. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we have the means of making it and getting it to you.

6. 85% of Our SKUs are Made in the USA

It’s no secret that Americans prefer products made in America. It’s something that consumers are passionate about. At the same time, we understand that competition and cost factors put pressure on distributors and retailers to carry lower-priced products manufactured overseas.

At HY-C, 85% of our SKUs are manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri. We’ve run cost analyses on some of our products and found that they would actually be more expensive to make overseas (due to shipping costs based on the volume and packaging of our goods).

With the vast majority of our products, you’ll have the opportunity to adorn your shelves with packages marked “MADE IN USA” without having to pay more to do so.

7. We’re Centrally Located in St. Louis, Missouri

Nobody likes waiting for an order. We get it — we’re consumers ourselves. Waiting for a knickknack you ordered online is hard enough, let alone a purchasing order worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Luckily for our sales partners, HY-C is located right in the middle of the country, helping to cut down on shipping times wherever you’re located. Our goal is to ship orders within one to three days, so you can continue to operate your business at your preferred pace.

8. We Maintain a Steady Stream of New Products and Acquisitions

A flowchart detailing the acquisitions and new brands from the HY-C company since 1947

Our partners enjoy a continuous opportunity to diversify their product selection.

While we started as a chimney cap manufacturer in 1947 (and continue in that capacity to this day), in the past 25 years, we’ve added many more products to our portfolio and will continue to do so, both through internal development and acquisitions.

We’re also willing to work directly with our partners to develop and manufacture tailor-made solutions to address their specific problems.

9. We Have No Minimum Order Requirements

This point is most salient to small- and medium-sized businesses. We understand that not every company has the capital to be able to commit to a large order. So we don’t require it. Whether you need two products or 20,000, we’ll work with you to get you what you need.

If you operate a larger business, this affords you the opportunity to take a chance on newer products with a lack of proven sales history behind them. Instead of ordering 2,000 of something, try ordering 20 and putting them in one of your locations to see how they perform.

10. We Offer Drop Shipping

Are you a small company without the logistics to fulfill orders on your end? That doesn’t mean HY-C products are off the table for you. We currently work with quite a few drop ship partners, so we understand the intricacies of the process and we can get you up and running.

This is particularly helpful if you run an ecommerce business. Our suite of digital assets and tools is designed for ease of access and use to get our products selling on your website.

11. We Offer Private Label

Interested in bolstering your product selection but don’t have the time or budget to navigate the development phase? We’ve worked with existing partners to support private label product lines and maintain that know-how to help you, too.

You can lean on our manufacturing expertise to establish your own product line and drive sales in your store, all without the need to take the process overseas.

12. We Offer Live, U.S.-based Customer Service

When you have questions about purchasing orders or when your customers have questions about our products, we’re here to help. Our customer service personnel work out of our St. Louis office from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. central.

They’re intimately familiar with all of our products and are well-equipped to help end users and sales partners alike find exactly what they’re looking for.

Think You’re a Good Fit for HY-C?

By now, you should have a good understanding as to what HY-C has to offer you and your business. We covered a lot, but in summary, we want to make it as easy as possible for our partners to sell our products, no matter their size or how many of our products they carry.

And now that you know a bit about us, it’s time for us to learn a bit about you.

If you’re interested in carrying HY-C products and you think we’d be a good partner for you based on what you read here, get in touch with our sales team.

They’ll work with you to determine the perfect products for your store, the amount of inventory that’s right for you to carry, how much you can expect to spend on a purchasing order, and more logistics.

Just click “Get Started” below and fill out the form on the next page to get started.

A "Find an account manager" call-to-action featuring HY-C salesman Tyler Mullins
A shot of the HY-C company factory floor's custom chimney cap area

What is it Like to Work in Production at HY-C?

At HY-C, we manufacture a lot of metal products: chimney caps, roof vent guards, wood burning furnaces, stove boards, and more. We began manufacturing chimney caps in 1947, and our product selection has only grown over the decades.

Because 85% of our products are made in the USA (in St. Louis, Missouri), our production employees are the heart and soul of everything we do. Without their years of expertise and hours of hard work, our company wouldn’t exist.

If you’re reading this, you probably have some interest in a production job at HY-C. Maybe you’re thinking of applying, or maybe you’ve already begun speaking with our Human Resources team. No matter where you are in the process, you probably have some questions, like:

  • What is this job, anyway?
  • What are the hours like?
  • What are the people and the company like?

We want to help answer those questions for you so you can better understand the job and whether or not it’s a good fit for you. So we’re going to take you through what it’s like to be a HY-C production employee, and we’ll even provide some insights from our current staff.

By the time you’re done here, you’ll have a good sense of what it’s like to work in the HY-C factory. From there, you’ll be equipped to decide if the job is right for you.

Working Hours

A typical day in the HY-C factory starts at 6 a.m. At that time, the machines turn on, and the production lines start getting to work. The team takes a 15-minute break at 9 a.m., and then they finish up their morning tasks.

The group likes to take lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. After lunch, everybody works into the early afternoon until 2:20 p.m. At that time, the team starts cleaning up their stations for the evening. The work day ends at 2:30 p.m.

The Production Lines

The HY-C chimney cap production line decorated for Christmas with two female factory employees at work

Our factory has a few different manufacturing lines that make our selection of products. One of the most important lines is where we produce our chimney caps. HY-C makes about 85% of the country’s chimney caps, so we have a lot of stations focused on them, including:

  • The press room, where the hoods of the chimney caps are molded and pressed
  • The weld line, where the base, mesh, and hoods of the caps are welded together
  • The paint line, where chimney caps are painted with a black powder coating
  • The custom line, where custom-made chimney caps are assembled

We also have a furnace line where we manufacture our Fire Chief wood burning furnaces, and a stove board line where we manufacture our stove boards. Finally, the packaging line boxes up finished goods, making sure to include any instructions or hardware that go with each product.

What is the Day-to-Day Like?

To give you the best sense of what it’s like to work on the HY-C production line, we spoke with three HY-C employees:

  • Lupe, who works on the packaging line
  • Mark, who runs the paint line
  • John, who runs the weld line (and other chimney cap processes)


Lupe, a HY-C factory employee, folding boxes together on the packaging line

Lupe has been with HY-C for 16 years now. She explained that to work on the packaging line, you need to know the ins and outs of every product that we make. You have to learn how things get packaged, what they get packaged with, and how to stack packaged products properly.

Lupe’s done a lot here during her time at HY-C. She started on the paint line, then worked in the press room, then tried the welding line for a bit. She finally ended up in packaging where she’s been a vital member for years. She told us that her story is pretty typical of a HY-C plant employee:

“You do a little of everything here. People get shuffled around a lot, so you get to try a lot of things. They make sure there’s always something for you to do.”

The Paint Line

Black galvanized chimney caps going through the HY-C paint line on the factory floor

Finished caps that need to be painted make their way from the weld line to the paint line. Mark (who has run the paint line for 12 years now) told us that his main priority is to make sure his people have everything they need. He said that, on a normal day, the team expects to paint about 2,500 chimney caps.

Mark’s group consists of about seven people:

  • Someone who hangs the caps
  • Someone who paints them
  • Two people who take painted caps off the line
  • Someone who stacks the finished caps
  • Someone who labels them
  • Someone who packages them

He says that the pace on the paint line is “comfortably fast,” but that it’s also relentless. The paint line sets the pace, and it doesn’t slow down.

“You’ll be a little overwhelmed at first. You’ve got to be ready. And what you do affects everyone around you. But once you get into it and start to build muscle memory, you’ll do great.”

The Weld Line

A female factory employee welding HY-C chimney caps on the factory machinery

The weld line is the heart of the HY-C factory, and John oversees it all. John is HY-C’s longest-tenured employee — he’s been here for over 40 years. Some of his people on the weld line have been here for as long as 15 years.

Workers on the weld line bend the base of each chimney cap and weld the corners in place. Next, they weld the wire mesh to the base. Finally, they attach the hood to the mesh to finish the chimney cap.

When it comes to hiring new people for the weld line, John likes to ease people into the job. He likes to assign various tasks to see where people excel. Once he finds out what someone does well, he makes sure they get to keep doing it.

“You get a basic training and then go from there,” John told us. “If you show me you can do it, you’ll have a job.”

What is the HY-C Culture Like?

The HY-C company leadership team and factory staff pose for a picture together on the plant floor. Everybody is wearing matching blue HY-C shirts.

The culture in the HY-C factory is characterized by a few unique aspects. We’re a fourth-generation, family-owned company, and you can feel that sense of family in the factory. The plant floor has strong Hispanic roots, too: most factory employees speak Spanish, and a few speak both Spanish and English.

“It’s just like a family back here,” Lupe told us. “You feel like you’re coming home every day.”

Mark felt similarly.

“HY-C is a great company to work for because it has a family atmosphere. We look out for one another. And once you’re in, you’re in.”

We asked Mark about the work culture in the factory.

“I’ve worked at other companies, and the mentality there is to see how little you can do without getting fired. HY-C is not like that at all. We have a lot of really good, hard-working people here who care about family and care about each other.”

We also asked Mark if there was anything he wanted prospective employees to know about HY-C.

“If you’re new, you’re about to meet some really good people who are willing to help you learn your job.”

Do You See Yourself at HY-C?

Hopefully at this point, you have some sense of what it’s like to work in production at HY-C. Our people work hard, they know their craft, and they care deeply for each other. We’ve been fortunate to have many people call HY-C home for 20, 30, and even 40 years.

The environment can be demanding at times, but you’ll get to learn plenty. You’ll get to find what you’re good at and do it as well as you can, and make a few great friends while you’re at it.

If you’re interested in a production job at HY-C and you think you’d be a good fit based on what you’ve read here, be sure to visit our careers page. There’s a lot of work to do, and we need your help to get it done.