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A Good Vibrations Grass Hawk lawn mower deck scraper in its packaging against a white background

Good Vibrations Grass Hawk Mower Deck Scraper: An Honest Review

When you’re finished mowing your lawn for the weekend, it’s easy just to roll your lawn mower back into your garage or shed until next weekend. It’s wise to avoid this temptation, though, and spend a bit of extra time performing some routine maintenance on your mower.

One such maintenance task is scraping your mower deck. As you mow, grass — especially moist grass — can accumulate on your mower deck. Wet grass can cause rust and corrosion, shortening the life of your mower significantly. Scraping your mower deck can go a long way towards ensuring the longevity of your lawn mower.

At HY-C, we manufacture a lawn mower deck scraper called the Grass Hawk under our Good Vibrations brand. It’s designed to make lawn mower scraping easy, resulting in a clean, rust-free mower deck.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of the Grass Hawk. We’ll explain a few key features and even some caveats to help you decide whether you should add a Good Vibrations Grass Hawk to your lawn care toolkit.

Three Pros of the Grass Hawk Mower Deck Scraper

1. It’s Designed Specifically for Lawn Mowers

The flat head of a Good Vibrations Grass Hawk mower deck scraper against the underside of a red lawn mower, all against a white background

When it comes to mower deck cleaning, it’s popular practice simply to grab the nearest flat-headed object from a toolbox and start scraping away. These implements (like a screwdriver or a pocket knife) will get the job done in a pinch, but they’re usually inefficient and awkward to use on a mower deck.

The Grass Hawk, on the other hand, is designed specifically for lawn mower decks. From the curve of its handle to the shape and orientation of its scraper heads (yes, “heads” plural — more on that in a second), this scraper is engineered to handle common lawn mower decks to help you scrape off grass effectively.

2. It Features Two Scraper Heads

A GIF demonstrating the rotating head of a Good Vibrations Grass Hawk mower deck scraper against a woodgrain backdrop

What’s better than one lawn mower deck scraper? Two lawn mower deck scrapers built into one. That’s exactly what the Grass Hawk has to offer.

One of the scraper heads is curved to help you get into the cracks and crevices of your mower deck. The other is a sharper metal head bent at a 90-degree angle. This head is good for tackling the relatively flatter sections of the underside of your mower, removing large swaths of grass in a single scrape.

Switching between scraper heads is as simple as turning the rotating dial on the Grass Hawk’s head to the unlocked position, spinning the head 180 degrees, and locking it again. The secure lock ensures that the scraper heads won’t slip during use.

3. It can Attach to a Threaded Pole

The threaded end of an extension pole approaching the threaded base of a Good Vibrations Grass Hawk lawn mower deck scraper, all against a white background

Cleaning a mower deck is awkward work. It involves turning your lawn mower on its side or upside-down, but they’re not really meant to be oriented in either position. Depending on your age or what kind of shape you’re in, it can also be tough to get down to your mower deck’s level to get any cleaning done.

It’s for these reasons that the Grass Hawk comes with a threaded opening in its base that’s compatible with common extension poles. Attaching the scraper to a pole can give you the extra length and leverage you need to scrape effectively.

What this pole compatibility is most useful for, though, is cleaning your mower’s discharge chute. This is the portion of your lawn mower through which cut grass is expelled (usually into the mower’s bag in the case of a push mower).

Moist, wet grass accumulates pretty quickly in the discharge chute, often creating a blockage. A Grass Hawk on a pole can clear this blockage easily and quickly, all without having to get down on the ground.

Two Cons of the Grass Hawk Mower Deck Scraper

1. It Has a Relatively High Price Tag

Most mower deck-specific scrapers will set you back about $15 to $20. The Grass Hawk is not too far outside of that range, costing a basically comparable $19 to $27 (depending on where you buy yours).

Where the Grass Hawk is much less price-competitive, though, is with another mower deck scraping solution: putty knives. A decent putty knife may cost $4 to $10 — one half to one third the cost of a Grass Hawk.

While a putty knife can scrape a mower deck decently, the Grass Hawk is a mower-specific solution. When you’re making your purchasing decision, you’ll have to lean on a balance of functionality vs. cost to guide you.

2. It May Have Trouble Reaching Cracks and Crevices

A red lawn mower turned on its side on a lawn with a man using a file to scrape the mower deck

Not all mower decks are created equally. Some may be relatively flat and easy to scrape, while others may bend and curve at all angles. Depending on the shape and size of your deck, you may experience different levels of effectiveness while using a Grass Hawk.

Both the curved and the flat scraper head of the Grass Hawk measure 2 ⅛” in width. The curved head extends about 1” from the head of the scraper, while the flat head protrudes by about ⅜”. Depending on your mower, the heads may be the perfect sizes to scrape grass out of all the nooks and crannies — or they may be too large to be effective.

Should You Get a Grass Hawk Mower Deck Scraper?

Lawn care is a demanding activity, and lawn mower maintenance is yet another layer of the season-to-season mowing process. A lawn mower is like a car: the better you take care of it, the longer it will last you.

So, with that in mind, should you add a Grass Hawk to your lawn care toolbox?

That sort of depends on how often you mow, how much grass tends to accumulate on your mower, or even what kind of mower you have.

If you don’t clean your mower often, your mower deck tends not to gather much grass, or you’ve simply been satisfied with the cleaning capability of your putty knife or flathead screwdriver, you may be alright simply staying the course.

But if you take mower maintenance seriously or you utilize a larger zero turn mower, a Grass Hawk may be just what you need. Its dual-bladed functionality and pole attachment capability offer scraping versatility and, given the sizes of its scraper heads, it can help you scrape more efficiently than other scraping tools for just a few bucks more.

If you’re tired of the time it takes to scrape your mower deck with a knife or screwdriver, give a Grass Hawk a try. Its primary purpose is to make mower deck scraping easier, resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting lawn mower.

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A man using a weed eater in a yard with a Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap installed on the weed eater

Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Weed Eater Strap: An Honest Review

Trimming the edges of your yard is an integral part of any lawn care routine. Your mower does the bulk of the work, but trimming those edges just right is something that only the finesse and precision of a weed eater can handle.

The problem with weed eaters, though, is that they’re a bit awkward to handle. They can be hard to balance, and using one for an extended period of time can result in back and shoulder pain.

At HY-C, we developed a solution to that problem: the Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap from our Good Vibrations outdoor power equipment upgrades product line.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of the Zero Gravity. We’ll explain which makes and models of weed wackers it can attach to, how to attach it, how it can make lawn trimming easier, and even a few caveats to look out for.

By the time you’re finished here, you’ll know everything — both good and bad — that you need to know about the Zero Gravity to decide whether or not you should add one to your lawn care tool kit.

Three Pros of the Zero Gravity Weed Eater Strap

1. It Alleviates Back and Shoulder Pain

The bungee system of the Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap connected to a weed eater

Using a weed eater can be awkward. With the motor on one end, the trimmer head and housing on the other, and nothing but a lightweight shaft attaching them, the weight of the equipment is usually distributed unevenly.

This can mean that, especially when used over an extended period, a weed eater can put a lot of strain on your back and shoulder muscles, leaving you in pain after you’re finished trimming.

The Zero Gravity makes trimmers feel 75% lighter. Its bungee system not only helps to stabilize the trimmer for maximum control, but it also absorbs the weight of the equipment, taking the strain off your back and shoulders. Its padded shoulder strap helps to alleviate pressure and pain from the weight of the trimmer, too.

2. It’s Universal

It doesn’t matter if you have a weed eater from Stihl, ECHO, Ryobi, Husqvarna, Milwaukee, or any other manufacturer — the Zero Gravity is designed to fit any make and model of weed eater on the market, past or present.

The Shaft Loop system of the Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap installed on a weed eater

All weed eaters are essentially just a pole with a motor and trigger on one end, and the trimmer head on the other end. The Zero Gravity comes with a clamp (that we call the Shaft Loop) that tightens and loosens with a wingnut.

All you have to do to install the strap is attach the Shaft Loop to your weed eater, tighten the wingnut, and hook the rest of the strap onto your trimmer by way of a carabiner (that’s also included with the kit).

3. It Makes Trimming Easier

The Zero Gravity isn’t just designed to alleviate the physical pain of using your trimmer. When it’s installed correctly, it should help you trim faster and more efficiently, too.

Similarly to a self-propelled lawn mower, with a Zero Gravity, all you should have to do to trim effectively is let your trimmer hang, pull its trigger, and walk the length of your yard’s edge. The trimmer will leave a perfectly-cut edge behind you as you go.

The trick to this is getting the height of your trimmer right. The Zero Gravity uses a backpack-style adjustable strap for tightening and loosening. You should be able to find the perfect height for your trimmer and lawn after a little trial and error.

Good Vibrations Easy Rider Steering Wheel Knob Review CTA

Three Cons of the Zero Gravity Weed Eater Strap

1. It Takes Some Getting Used to

The Zero Gravity is a simple item, but using it requires a change in habits and muscle memory. Holding a weed eater is a bit like riding a bike — you never forget how to use it. But to use the Zero Gravity, you have to let the weight of the trimmer hang a bit and let the strap do the work. That can be a challenge.

It’s not uncommon to start using a Zero Gravity strap, only to hoist the trimmer up to where you’re used to holding it. This puts the weight and pressure of the trimmer back on your shoulders and back, eliminating the purpose of the strap altogether.

If you decide to try one, stay cognizant of letting the strap do the work for you. Work on adjusting it to the correct height, and allow it to hang while you trim. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it.

2. The Shoulder Strap May Slip

The shoulder strap of the Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap

The padded shoulder strap of the Zero Gravity is a bit of a blessing and a curse. When used correctly, it’s ultra-comfortable, and it helps to distribute the weight of your weed eater across your shoulders. At its worst, though, the padding will slip, and the smaller, unpadded portion of the strap will dig into your neck and shoulders.

A close-up of the bungee technology of the Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap

This happens because where the adjustable section of the strap meets the bungee-action system, there’s nothing to hold the strap in place. This is what allows the strap to be adjustable in the first place. At the same time, though, it’s also what causes the shoulder padding to slip.

The best way to solve this problem is to take your time, and to get ahead of these slips when you feel them starting. Shrugging your shoulders and maneuvering the padding back into place will help to keep you trimming comfortably.

3. The Shaft Loop Connection Point May Come Loose

The Shaft Loop connection of a Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap

The Shaft Loop is the linchpin of the Zero Gravity strap system. It’s the bridge between your weed eater and the rest of the strap, securing everything tightly in place with its wingnut fastener.

The problem is that, over time, that wingnut can loosen, either through the vibration from your trimmer or from accidental bumps and pushes. If the Shaft Loop connection loosens too much, your entire trimmer can slip, mid-use.

To avoid this, remind yourself to check the tightness of your wingnut before and after using your weed eater. Building this habit may take a bit, but it will ensure your Zero Gravity stays secure and connected to your trimmer every time.

Should You Get a Zero Gravity Weed Eater Strap?

Back pain from your weed eater can often be the most frustrating part of lawn care. The Zero Gravity exists to alleviate this problem, making trimming your yard more comfortable and enjoyable.

But, should you get one for yourself?

If your lawn care doesn’t include much trimming or you don’t even have a weed eater, the answer to that question is pretty simple.

But if you have a string trimmer and it’s been causing you problems, you can’t go wrong with a Zero Gravity. They run about $20 – $30 at retail (depending where you purchase yours), they’re universal, and they’ll help make your weed eater much easier to use.

They take some getting used to, and they can slip if they become loose, but a few preventative measures can help you stay on top of these potential problems. If you’re looking for a better trimming experience, give one a try. They’re a great, useful tool to add to your lawn care toolbox.

Good Vibrations Get-A-Grip and Start Me Up pull cords handle next to each other in their packaging agaisnt a white background

Good Vibrations Lawn Mower Pull Cord Handles: An Honest Review

Starting a lawn mower (or any pull-start motor, for that matter) can either be really easy, or really hard. Sometimes, you pull the cord and the motor starts right up. Other times, you have to pull and pull tirelessly before the thing finally roars to life.

And the T-handles that come pre-installed on most pull cord-operated mowers don’t help, either. You can only get a good grip on them with two or three fingers. They’re small, tough to grab, and even tougher to use.

At HY-C, we manufacture two lawn mower pull cord replacement handles under our Good Vibrations brand:

  • The Start Me Up
  • The Get-A-Grip

This guide will take you through the functions and features of both pull cord handles. We’ll cover the pros and the cons from installation to price to help you decide if a new lawn mower pull cord from Good Vibrations is the right choice for you.

Three Pros of the Good Vibrations Lawn Mower Pull Cord Handles

1. They Offer a Full Grip

A Good Vibrations Start Me Up lawn mower pull cord handle and a stock T-handle with their cords connected by a VS symbol in the middle

The T-handle that your mower comes with will get the job done just fine. We’ve all started a lawn mower, and even those of us with big, clumsy hands can manage to grab the T-handle to start the motor. They’re not ideal, though, and at their worst, they can be downright annoying.

Good Vibrations mower pull cords are designed to accommodate your entire hand — not just two fingers. Both the Start Me Up and the Get-A-Grip offer enough room to get all four fingers through so you can pull start your engine with a full grip.

The Get-A-Grip is a more stripped-down, bare-bones handle. It’s made entirely of plastic. The Start Me Up, on the other hand, is made with rubber padding built into the inside of the handle, providing some additional comfort and a much better grip.

2. They’re Universal

A Good Vibrations Start Me Up pull cord handle and its Dura-Tuff Rope replacement sitting next to each other against a white background

So many lawn mower parts are model-specific. Spark plugs, replacement tires, mower blades — oftentimes, you have to know your mower’s exact make and model to find the right part. Sometimes, that information isn’t even enough, and you’ll even need to know the model year of your mower, too.

The Start Me Up and Get-A-Grip, on the other hand, are universal products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Toro mower from 2006 or a brand-new Husqvarna. As long as it has a pull cord on it, you can use a Good Vibrations lawn mower handle.

The secret lies in the included replacement rope. We call these ropes Dura-Tuff Ropes, and they’re 88 inches long — a good length (or longer) for any mower. The best way to find the right length for you is to remove your old rope and cut your Dura-Tuff Rope to match.

3. They Work on More than Just Mowers

Mowers aren’t the only devices that start with a pull cord. Chainsaws, snow blowers, and even ATVs and go-karts often utilize a pull cord to start their motors. If your device comes with a pull cord, you can add a Get-A-Grip or a Start Me Up to make starting the motor easier.

The only caveat to consider is the size of your handle. The Start Me Up is quite a bit bigger than the Get A Grip, and it can look a bit awkward on a smaller device like a chainsaw. It’s mostly an aesthetic issue, though — as long as your motor starts easier, the handle is working how it’s supposed to work.

Two Cons of the Good Vibrations Lawn Mower Pull Cord Handles

1. Installation Can be Difficult

Ideally, installing a Start Me Up or a Get-A-Grip should be as simple as slipping your old handle out and sliding the new handle on. You have to be careful not to let go of the handle-less rope so it doesn’t spin back into the pull cord assembly, but other than that, installing a Good Vibrations handle can be a smooth process.

On the other hand, it can also be a difficult process. Depending on your mower and how its pull cord assembly is constructed, you may have to remove the entire system to install a new rope and handle. If this is the case for you, be sure to consult your mower’s instruction manual.

Need help replacing your pull cord? Mark Sodja from demonstrates the process is in this video.

For both handles, you’ll need to slide your Dura-Tuff Rope replacement through and tie a knot on the end to install the handle properly. This is a little easier on the Start Me Up as it features a slit on the side to slide the rope through.

A Good Vibrations Start Me Up and Get-A-Grip pull cord next to each other on a woodgrain surface with their replacement Dura-Tuff ropes installed (but untied)

The Get-A-Grip, on the other hand, requires sliding the rope in from the side and down through the handle, which can prove a little more challenging. Patience is key.

2. They Cost More Than a Standard T-Handle

If the stock T-handle on your lawn mower breaks, you can buy a new one for just $6 to $8. That’s not that much money. It should come as no surprise that both Good Vibrations lawn mower pull cord replacements are a bit more expensive than that:

  • Get-A-Grip costs about $11 at retail
  • Start Me Up costs about $15 at retail

Both handles cost more than a stock mower handle, but not by too much. Obviously, spending preferences differ from person to person, and if you don’t feel like breaking a $20 for a new lawn mower starter handle, we can’t say we blame you.

But other shoppers may believe that for double (or even nearly triple) the price of a stock handle, a Get-A-Grip or Start Me Up is worth the convenience for the extra cost. We’ll leave that determination up to you.

Should You Get a Good Vibrations Lawn Mower Pull Cord Handle?

Perhaps you’ve never had any problems with the T-handle on your mower. Maybe it has mildly annoyed you, but you only have to deal with it for a few seconds, so you don’t think too much about it. Or, maybe you really don’t like your lawn mower starter handle and have been searching for a better way.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you now know all about both of the Good Vibrations options that we offer: the “economy model” Get-A-Grip, and the premium, rubber-padded Start Me Up. You know that they’re universal, that they’re a little more costly than a standard handle, and that they work on other machines, too.

So — should you get one for yourself?

A lawn mower replacement handle isn’t a huge, high-pressure purchase. These are checkout items — upgrades that are supposed to add a bit of usefulness to your regular routine. If you don’t feel like spending $10 or $20 on something like that, in truth, you probably don’t need one.

But if you’d like a nice, full-grip handle you can use on your mower that will work season after season and provide a bit more convenience for a price that won’t break the bank, give one a try.

And take a look at the rest of our Good Vibrations product offering while you’re at it. The entire selection consists of outdoor power equipment upgrades just like Get-A-Grip and Start Me Up that will add a bit of efficiency and charm to your lawn care routine.

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A Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob installed on a forklift steering wheel with a busy factory floor in the background

Good Vibrations Easy Rider Steering Wheel Knob: An Honest Review

A steering wheel knob — also known as a brodie knob — is a nice, convenient attachment for your golf cart, riding mower, tractor, boat, or any vehicle with a steering wheel. They’re designed to assist with one-handed turning, eliminating the need for any hand-over-hand turning motion.

While steering wheel knobs are clever devices, the problem is that they’re pretty simplistic and straightforward. There’s not a lot of room for design innovations, so it can be tough to pick which one you should buy.

At HY-C, we manufacture the Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob under our Good Vibrations product line. And in this guide, we want to help you decide whether or not it’s the right steering wheel knob for you.

We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the Easy-Rider, from its installation process and cost to its aesthetics. By the time you’re finished here, you’ll have all the info you need to determine whether or not you’d like to get an Easy-Rider for yourself.

Interested in what real customers think? Here’s a review of the Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob from DirtFarmerJay on YouTube.

What Is a Steering Wheel Knob?

A GIF of a Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob installed on a Toro riding mower with a man using the knob to turn the wheel back and forth

A steering wheel knob is essentially a golf ball-sized knob that rotates on a ball bearing. The device attaches to a steering wheel, allowing you to grab the knob and steer your vehicle with just one hand.

Wheels were harder to turn with two hands (let alone one). Though the advent of power steering has made these useful little knobs a bit redundant, people still appreciate their utility and use them for their convenience.

Are Steering Wheel Knobs Illegal?

No, steering wheel knobs are not illegal. That’s a common misconception. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should install one on your car or truck, especially if you drive a commercial vehicle.

If you’re a truck driver, forklift operator, or you drive any kind of vehicle for your company, be sure to check with your employer to ensure they don’t have any rules against using a steering knob. Also, though no state has any laws against using a brodie knob, it’s a good idea to check your local municipality’s rules and regulations.

Three Pros of the Easy-Rider Steering Wheel Knob

1. It’s Easy to Install

The entirety of the Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob kit laid out left to right: a cap, an Allen wrench, a socket head bolt, the knob itself, the plastic connector housing, the stainless steel attachment band, and plastic spacer

Most steering wheel knob manufactures will say this. And most of them are probably right, too — these knobs aren’t particularly hard to install. But aside from the included socket head bolt, washer, and Allen wrench, the Easy-Rider does come with a unique feature that helps with its installation.

Most steering knobs come with a thick metal or plastic clamp that hold it onto a steering wheel. The Easy-Rider, though, attaches by way of a thin, pliable stainless steel band that contours to the exact shape of your steering wheel as you tighten it. This helps ensure a secure, exact fit.

2. It Features an Ergonomic Design and a Rubber Grip

A fully assembled Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob against a red background

A steering wheel knob’s primary purpose is to be able to use it with one hand. The Easy-Rider’s tapered, hourglass-like shape is very conducive to one-handed use. It’s comfortable to hold, and grasping it feels secure.

It also features three separate sections of rubber padding to cover your fingers from all possible angles. This rubber assists not only in making the knob more comfortable to use, but it helps ensure that it won’t slip from your hand while you’re turning.

3. It Offers a Universal Fit

A close-up of the stainless steel band of a Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob with its plastic spacer installed

At its widest, the Easy-Rider’s stainless steel attachment band’s diameter measures about 1.5”. That should be plenty wide enough to fit onto the steering wheels of most semi-trucks, UTVs, boats, tractors, and more common vehicles.

In fact, when it comes to fit, you’re more likely to have a steering wheel that’s too small rather than too big. Because of that, we included a plastic spacer to fill any gaps that may result from a small steering wheel. With this spacer, the Easy-Rider provides a near universal fit.

Three Cons of the Easy-Rider Steering Wheel Knob

1. Its Cost Is on the High End

If you look around for steering wheel knobs, you’ll find some options as low as $7. The Easy-Rider, on the other hand, costs between $20 and $30 (depending on which retailer you buy your from).

While that cost is on par with the high end of the market, as with anything you purchase, the phrase, “You get what you pay for” applies here. The Easy-Rider is a strong, robust, secure knob that includes installation hardware, and those facts dictate its price.

2. Its Attachment Band Can Break (if Installed Improperly)

Some customers have reported that the stainless steel band that secures the Easy-Rider to their steering wheel has snapped upon installation. While these cases are few and far between, they’re not insignificant enough not to mention.

We recommend two remedies to help you avoid this issue. For one, don’t over tighten your Easy-Rider. It needs to be tight enough to ensure a secure fit, but not so tight that there’s undue pressure on the stainless steel band.

In a similar vein, be sure not to use the included spacer unless your steering wheel is too small (to avoid over tightening). In most cases, using the spacer is not necessary. We’d recommend using it only on steering wheels that measure 0.5” in diameter or less.

3. Its Design Lacks Character (Relative to Some Other Steering Wheel Knobs)

Three exotic steering wheel knobs from left to right: a regular knob with a woodgrain finish, a skull knob, and a billiards 8-ball knob

When some folks add a steering wheel knob to their personal vehicle, they’re looking to add a bit of flair. You can find knobs with a woodgrain finish, knobs that look like a billiards 8-ball, and knobs that resemble a skull. There are even steering wheel knobs that resemble a revolver chamber — complete with ammunition.

If you’re looking to add some character to your vehicle with a steering wheel knob, the Easy-Rider is, admittedly, not the way to go.

Good Vibrations products are used primarily by farmers and ranch workers, and they’re designed with utility in mind first and foremost. But what the Easy-Rider lacks in panache, it more than makes up for in sturdiness and dependability.

Should You Get an Easy-Rider Steering Wheel Knob?

We’re over 1,000 words in at this point, and you may not have imagined that there were that many words to say about steering wheel knobs. There’s more to them than first meets the eye, though. From their design and cost to how easy they are to install, steering wheel knobs — like any other product — are a niche all their own.

With all that said, you may be wondering: “Should I get an Easy-Rider for myself?

For starters, it’s good to determine what you’d be using your steering knob for. The Easy-Rider specifically is designed for lawn tractors, riding mowers, UTVs, and boats. If that’s what you plan to use your steering wheel knob on, the Easy-Rider was designed with you in mind.

From there, it becomes a matter of cost vs. dependability. You’ll pay a bit more for an Easy-Rider, but we build them to last. Instead of buying the same $12 knob three times only to have it break, an Easy-Rider is a one-time purchase that should last you a lifetime.

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A Good Vibrations King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin and a Good Vibrations Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin in their packaging against a white background

Good Vibrations Hitch Pins: An Honest Review

Buying a tractor or riding mower attachment is a big decision. Dump carts, lawn sweepers, aerators, dethatchers — these are big purchases that can set you back hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. It’s a good idea to ensure you get the best one to get the job done.

What you may think less about, though, is how that equipment attaches to your mower or tractor. Most folks just buy a cotter pin or hairpin and call it a day. But what you may not realize is that there are other, more robust options out there.

At HY-C, we manufacture two hitch pins for tractor and riding mower attachments under our Good Vibrations brand:

  • The King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin
  • The Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin

In this guide, we’re going to take an in-depth look at each hitch pin. We’ll consider how they’re used, how much they cost, and what they can (and can’t) be used with, especially in comparison to more traditional cotter pins.

By the time you’re finished here, you’ll know the ins and outs of each pin, and you’ll be ready to decide whether or not you want to get one for your lawn equipment.

King Pin & Magnetic Hitch Pin: Ease of Use

A Good Vibrations King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin attaching a tractor and a dump cart on a lawn

Cotter pins are an inexpensive way to connect your tractor or mower attachments. They aren’t without their issues, though — we’ve found that customers run into a few problems with cotter pins and hairpins:

  • They’re delicate, so they’re susceptible to breaking
  • They’re made of thin metal, so they’re tough to handle
  • They’re small, so they’re easy to lose

The King Pin and Magnetic Hitch Pin are both ½” hitch pins, so they won’t break under the pressure of the attachment point. They both come with full-sized handles, so they’re easy to grab and use. Their substantial size also means you won’t misplace them as easily as a cotter pin.

Their attachment and detachment methods also require much less dexterity than a traditional pin. The King Pin comes with a spring-loaded, butterfly-style opening that holds the pin in place. Unlocking it is as simple as squeezing the handle, meaning you can unlock and remove it all in one motion.

The Magnetic Hitch Pin is even easier to use. It features a neodymium magnet in the base of the handle with 25 pounds of locking force. It’s strong enough to hold your lawn attachment in place during use, but not so strong that you can’t remove it with a good tug.

King Pin & Magnetic Hitch Pin: Price

A Good Vibrations King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin connecting a dump cart and a tractor against a white background

So, how much do the King Pin and the Magnetic Hitch Pin cost in comparison to a traditional cotter pin or hairpin?

You can buy an assortment of cotter pins for anywhere from $5 to $15. These assortments will contain 30 to 150 pieces in six or seven pin sizes.

A single Good Vibrations King Pin costs around $15 at retail, while the Magnetic Hitch Pin costs closer to $20 (all depending on where you buy yours).

Why the discrepancy?

Buying hairpins or cotter pins is like buying a set of flat washers — they’re a dime a dozen, and there’s really not much to them. They’re mass-produced, and you generally know what you’re getting.

Our Good Vibrations pins, on the other hand, are made with much more intentional designs and features. Between the sturdy, nickel-plated metal, the ergonomic handles, and the magnetic and spring-loaded attachment styles, they’re made with durability and ease of use in mind. Their price is reflective of those features.

King Pin & Magnetic Hitch Pin: Applicable Attachments

A man on a red riding mower reaching down to grab a Good Vibrations Quick-Connect Hitch Pin attached to a dump cart

Good Vibrations hitch pins are designed for towing, but not all kinds of towing. They’re rated for offroad use only, and should not be used for towing on roads or highways.

This limits the kinds of attachments the King Pin and the Magnetic Hitch Pin can be used with. Some of the most common attachments these pins can be used to tow include:

  • Dump carts
  • Lawn mower vacuums
  • Lawn sweepers
  • Pull-behind aerators
  • Pull-behind dethatchers
  • Snowblowers

Since they’re not designed to be used on cars or trucks, there’s also a list of attachments that Good Vibrations hitch pins should not be used with. Some of these attachments include:

  • Trailer hitches
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Campers
  • Boats
  • Other vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.)

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Anything else that’s meant primarily for cars, trucks, or boats should not be towed with a Good Vibrations hitch pin.

Should You Get a Good Vibrations Hitch Pin?

Before now, you may not have thought too much about what goes into attaching equipment to your tractor or lawn mower. At this point, though, you should understand that there’s a lot more to the process than a simple cotter pin or hairpin.

So — should you get a Good Vibrations hitch pin?

That depends, really.

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t tow equipment very often with your tractor or mower, you may be able to get by with an old-school cotter pin. After all, they’re tried-and-true, they’re inexpensive, and they’re pretty straightforward to use.

But if you have a dump cart that you use frequently, a snowblower that you tow weekly throughout the winter, or you’re just looking for a more robust, purpose-driven hitch pin that’s intuitively designed and easy to use, you can’t go wrong with a King Pin or Magnetic Hitch Pin.

They allow you to attach easily and get right to work, and they’ll stand up to hard, demanding work season after season.

What Are Good Vibrations Products CTA
A spate of Good Vibrations outdoor power upgrade products against a white background

Good Vibrations: How Packaging is Your Best Salesperson

If you’re a retail buyer, the best products you can stock are those whose packaging is designed to sell itself. If you’re an outdoor power equipment (OPE) parts buyer, that can be tough; OPE parts don’t always come with the most compelling packaging.

Good Vibrations — a line of outdoor power equipment upgrade parts for lawn mowers and trimmers by HY-C — is a different story.

We’ve designed these products to have persuasive packaging that customers can interact with to see how they work. When customers take the products off the shelves and test them for themselves, they’re more inclined to understand how they work and envision a use for them, leading to a sale.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through the packaging of each Good Vibrations product. We’ll show you how customers can interact with (or at the very least, see) key features of each piece of equipment and how those interactions can help to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob

A person holding and rotating a Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob while facing the camera

The Easy Rider is a robust, one-size-fits-all steering wheel knob. It’s designed to help you steer your tractor (or boat or UTV) with one hand simply by grabbing the knob and spinning the wheel.

The Easy Rider’s packaging lets customers actually turn the knob and test the product out for themselves. They can feel the smooth, easy tolerance of the knob and the rubber grip that ensures their hand won’t slip while they use it.

Grass Hawk Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper

A person unlocking and rotating the dual-bladed head of a Good Vibrations Grass Hawk Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper while facing the camera

Cleaning the deck of a lawn mower (whether it’s a simple push mower or a zero turn mower) is tough work, especially with the wrong tools. The Grass Hawk is a specialized tool designed to make the job of scraping off grass much simpler.

It features both a flat and a curved scraper head for extra versatility. You can swap between each blade by rotating the head and locking it into place with the notch on the front of the tool. The packaging allows customers to test out this rotating motion for themselves to discover just how easy it is to switch blades.

Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug

A person opening and closing the spring-loaded locking lid of a Good Vibrations Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug while facing the camera

The Rough Rider is a rugged, 24 oz. drinking mug with a locking lid that only opens when you push down on its button. It also features a rubber base that contours to most cup holders.

In its packaging, the Rough Rider allows customers to feel the spring-loaded opening mechanism and to see just how tightly it seals in drinks. They can also test out the rubber base to feel how grippy and pliable it is.

The King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin

A person opening and closing the butterfly-style locking mechanism of a Good Vibrations Kingpin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin while facing the camera

The King Pin comes with a butterfly-style locking mechanism at its tip that opens and closes when squeezing a trigger embedded in the handle. This allows you to attach and detach to a hitch simply, using just one hand.

Not only can customers test the spring-loaded, butterfly-style locking mechanism, but the packaging itself features a hitch graphic. It’s designed to show what the King Pin looks like in action, painting an easy visual that consumers can understand.

Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin

A person holding a Good Vibrations Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin while facing the camera

The Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin is the second hitch pin in the Good Vibrations lineup. It locks into place with magnetic force, doing away with the butterfly-style connection of the Kingpin.

If a customer happens to have something metal (like a keychain) on them, they can touch it to the neodymium magnet to feel its 25 pounds of locking force at work. The most compelling part of the packaging, though, is the ability to feel the ergonomic grip of the hitch pin by simply grabbing and holding the handle.

Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers

A person holding Good Vibrations Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers while facing the camera

Our Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers are designed to snap into place over existing tractor rims. They help prevent rust and discoloration while also adding some customizability to a tractor’s wheels.

They’re available in black and chrome, and they come in five different accent colors: orange, burnt orange, yellow, red, and black. The packaging exposes the wheel covers, allowing customers to see the vivid colors for themselves instead of just displaying the colors on a box graphic.

Start Me Up Full Grip Starter Handle

A person holding a Good Vibrations Start Me Up Full Grip Starter Handle while facing the camera

The Start Me Up handle is an upgrade part meant to replace the T-style handle that comes on most lawn mowers, chainsaws, snow blowers, and other pull cord-powered motors.

The packaging lets customers feel the handle for themselves; it features a curved, rubber grip for maximum comfort and ease of use. As the box graphics show, it also comes with a replacement rope. Customers who hold the Start Me Up for themselves will understand immediately that it’s a substantial upgrade from their stock starter handle.

Get-A-Grip Full Grip Deluxe Handle and Rope

A Good Vibrations Get-A-Grip Full Grip Deluxe Handle and Rope in packaging leaning against a wall

The Get-A-Grip starter handle doesn’t necessarily allow shoppers to touch and feel it in its packaging, but it’s still clear from its transparent plastic what the upgrade part has to offer.

Instead of using two fingers to grip an awkward T-handle while starting their mower, customers will be drawn to the full-grip handle that the Get-A-Grip offers. It also comes with a replacement rope which is clearly visible in the packaging.

Zero Gravity Trimmer Shoulder Strap

A Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Trimmer Shoulder Strap in its packaging leaning against a wall

The Zero Gravity Trimmer Shoulder Strap is a universal strap that attaches to trimmers, leaf blowers, and other outdoor power tools. It’s designed to alleviate the back pain that comes with weed eating and leaf blowing.

In this case, the graphics and the words on the box sell the product. With eye-catching font colors used for “WEIGHT ABSORBING”, and with “Trimmers Feels 75% Lighter!” highlighted in yellow, customers will get the gist of this product right away.

Hitchin’ Post+ 3-Way Hitch Plate

A Good Vibrations Hitchin' Post+ 3-Way Hitch Plate in its packaging leaning against a wall

The Hitchin’ Post+ is a three-way hitch plate for tractors and ATVs. It allows users to tow using three different methods: a tow ball, a hitch pin, or chains.

What’s not apparent in the picture is the weight of the product. In a customer’s hands, it feels substantial and well-made. It’s also apparent from the packaging that the Hitchin’ Post+ comes with a ball — a much-needed towing component that doesn’t need to be bought separately.

Z Hitch Zero-Turn 3-Way Hitch Plate

A Good Vibrations Z Hitch Zero-Turn 3-Way Hitch Plate in its packaging leaning against a wall

Some zero turn lawn mowers come with a hitch plate attached, but many don’t. The Z Hitch attaches to any hitchless zero turn mower with ease, allowing users to tow whatever they need.

Like the Hitchin’ Post+, the Z Hitch feels substantial in a customer’s hands. It’s heavy-duty, capable of towing tough loads without missing a beat. There’s also a graphic on the front which shows the hitch in action, painting a comprehensible picture in a customer’s mind.

Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair

A tube of Good Vibrations Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair in its packaging leaning against a wall

Tractor owners know that tractor seats wear out over time. It’s just inevitable. These seats develop rips and holes regularly, and replacing the entire seat is expensive.

Seat Magic offers a much cheaper alternative. It’s a sealant that you apply to a rip or hole in a tractor seat. When it dries, the seat is as good as new. The before-and-after picture on the packaging is simple but effective, demonstrating how the product works and how easy it is to use.

Should You Stock Good Vibrations in Your Store?

Good Vibration’s packaging is no accident. Everything about it — from the colors and materials to the words and the graphics — is designed to tell a story about how each product can make an aspect of lawn care easier, safer, or more efficient for a customer.

Put simply, Good Vibrations product packaging is like having an extra salesperson out on your floor. The interactivity, the imagery, the pithiness — it’s all designed to tap into a customer’s needs and make them realize they need a solution they may not have even been looking for.

So, should you stock Good Vibrations in your retail store?

Well, if your store has an outdoor power equipment parts section and you want to drive truly incremental sales, we believe Good Vibrations is an excellent opportunity.

We’ve seen it work in big box retail stores who sell hundreds of units per month. Just let the packaging tell the story for you. Let it sell itself — that’s how it’s designed to work.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, get in touch with our sales team. They’ll be more than happy to work with you to get Good Vibrations on your store’s shelves.

Good Vibrations outdoor power equipment accessories on display at a tradeshow booth

Four Ways Good Vibrations Products Help Drive Incremental Sales

If you’re an outdoor power equipment parts buyer, you know it’s not the sexiest category. Spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, and other maintenance and repair parts take up several feet of space on your walls and they don’t offer the opportunity to drive incremental sales.

But what if you could change that?

Good Vibrations — a line of outdoor power equipment accessories by HY-C — offers a chance to drive truly incremental sales in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) parts section of retail stores. And it’s been successful, too; well-known retailers across the country have Good Vibrations units in hundreds of their stores.

But what are the products? And why should you stock them in your store?

That’s what we’re going to cover in this guide. By the time you’re finished here, you’ll know what Good Vibrations products are, and you’ll understand four ways the product line can help you drive incremental outdoor power equipment parts sales.

What Are Good Vibrations Products?

A lineup of six Good Vibrations products on a white background, from left to right: the Hitchin' Post+, the Start Me Up lawn mower pull cord handle, the Rough Rider drinking mug, the Zero Gravity trimmer strap, the King Pin hitch pin, and the Easy-Rider steering wheel knob

The outdoor power equipment parts segment can essentially be split up into three categories:

  1. Maintenance items
  2. Repair items
  3. Tools and accessories

Maintenance items consist of spark plugs, air filters, oil, and things like that. They’re a planned consumer purchase driven by need rather than impulse. Customers tend to come in, find the maintenance part they need, and leave, having purchased only that one part.

Repair items are probably even less fun than maintenance items both for customers and retail buyers. These are model-specific parts that customers dislike because they only need them when something breaks, and buyers dislike because they take up vast amounts of retail space for very little payoff.

Good Vibrations products fall into the accessories category of the outdoor power equipment parts segment. We’ve covered what’s in the Good Vibrations lineup before, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Tractor steering wheel knobs
  • Weed eater straps
  • Hitch plates
  • Hitch pins
  • Mower pull cord handles
  • Mower deck scrapers
  • Offroad drinking mugs
  • Tractor wheel covers
  • Tractor seat repair sealant

These items are universal, not constrained to one model of lawn mower, trimmer, or tractor. They’re upgrades, too, offering a more fun, satisfying, and robust solution for customers. They’re impulse-driven purchases that provide a positive surprise for shoppers who may have been in your store to buy something else.

Four Ways Good Vibrations Drives Incremental Sales

All of this may be well and good, but you may be thinking, “Okay, but why should I carry Good Vibrations products? Why should I sacrifice valuable space in my store or swap out other items for these?”

Those are great questions that deserve thorough answers. With that in mind, here’s a list of four ways that Good Vibrations can help retailers drive incremental OPE parts sales.

1. Over 100 Million Shoppers Own Applicable Equipment

An image showing a man from the waist down sitting on a yellow zero turn lawn mower on a suburban lawn

Talk about a wide consumer base.

Yes, from lawn mowers and zero turn mowers to tractors and trimmers, there’re a lot of lawns in the U.S., and a lot of equipment to mow them. The chances are very high that if someone walks past a Good Vibrations display in your store, they have the prerequisite equipment to make an impulse purchase.

Good Vibrations products go beyond the lawn care niche, too. Our Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob works great on boats and UTVs. The Start Me Up and Get-A-Grip pull cord handles are great for snow blowers, pressure washers, or anything else that utilizes a pull cord starter.

The applications are endless. If your shoppers see the products, they’ll almost certainly envision a use for them.

2. They Take Up Little Space (Relative to Other Products in Their Segment)

Two Good Vibrations wire frame product displays adorned with Good Vibrations products with a larger Good Vibrations wall display in the middle against a white background

Think about your selection of spark plugs. Picture your current selection of mower blades. They take up a lot of room, and customers tend only to buy one part for $2 to $25. For as much space as those maintenance products and repair products take up, they don’t offer a whole lot of payoff.

Those kinds of items may even be better off out of retail stores altogether; after all, a customer can just search a SKU and buy the part online.

Good Vibrations, on the other hand, takes up just a few feet of space on shelves, and is likely to move more units. After all, if a customer decides they need a hitch plate, they may as well buy a hitch pin while they’re at it. And a steering wheel knob. And, since they’re already in the store, why not some tractor wheel covers?

That’s the consumer mindset that helps drive incremental sales.

Good Vibrations offers a great bang for its real estate buck, providing retail buyers a real opportunity to drive sales while saving on space.

3. The Packaging Sells The Products for You

Good retail products all do this, but Good Vibrations does it exceptionally well. And that’s not us patting ourselves on the back, either; we acquired Good Vibrations from the inventors, and we were impressed ourselves at how intuitive and interactive each product’s packaging is.

Take the King-Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin, for example. It’s a one-handed hitch pin with a spring-loaded locking mechanism, and its packaging is designed so that a customer can actually feel it and use it while they’re in the store:

A GIF showing a Good Vibrations King Pin in its packaging and a hand squeezing the handle to retract the spring-loaded prongs on the end of the pin

The Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug is the same way. It’s packaged for ease of transportation and barcode scanning, but customers can also interact with it to see how its spring-loaded locking lid works:

A Good Vibrations Rough Rider mug in its packaging with a hand reaching in to press the button and open the spring-loaded, locking lid on the mug

The packaging of every Good Vibrations product is designed this way to one extent or another, allowing shoppers to test out (or at the very least see) key features before they buy. Once they actually see and feel it in action, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

4. They Can Be Displayed on Their Own or at Checkout (or Both!)

A Good Vibrations product display showing various Good Vibrations products on a shelf

The entire Good Vibrations line works best together. All the products are related; they’re all outdoor power equipment upgrades for tractors, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.

But they’re also impulse items. A person probably isn’t primarily looking for a steering wheel knob for their tractor when they come to a store, but once they see one, they can’t help but think that it would be nice to have.

Because of their cohesion as a complete product offering and the impulse nature of their design, Good Vibrations works well both in the outdoor power equipment parts section of a store and at the checkout line.

Particularly dedicated store owners may even want to try to place Good Vibrations in both locations to see what works best in their shop.

Will Good Vibrations Increase Your Sales?

By now, you know what Good Vibrations products are and what they do. You know that millions and millions of shoppers are eligible to buy them. You know they’re economical space-wise and that the product packaging is a huge part of the line’s appeal.

But there’s a lingering question: will Good Vibrations increase your sales?

Of course, in retail, there are no guarantees.

But what we can say is that we have POS data from three big box stores, and these locations move hundreds of units per month.

The bottom line is that in the OPE parts segment, Good Vibrations is much more fun and exciting than a maintenance or repair part, and there’s scarcely a person in the country who can’t get any use out of one (or more) of the products.

If you put Good Vibrations in your store, you will have the opportunity to drive truly incremental sales in outdoor power equipment parts.

And if you want to get started, get in touch with our sales team. They’ll be more than happy to start the process of getting Good Vibrations onto your store’s shelves.

What Are Good Vibrations Products?

In lawn care, the big tools get the job done. Lawn mowers, tractors, trimmers — they pare down each and every blade of grass with precision to leave homeowners with a fresh, green, manicured lawn.

But small upgrades to the big tools can make a huge impact on comfort, convenience, and efficiency when caring for your lawn. And that’s exactly what Good Vibrations products are: universal lawn care accessories for trimmers, tractors, push mowers, zero turn mowers, and more.

But what’s in the line? How do the products work? And how do they make caring for your lawn easier and more comfortable?

As the owners of Good Vibrations, that’s exactly what we want to share with you in this guide.

We’ll go over which products we offer, what they’re compatible with, and how their design and development help to make yard work more enjoyable. By the time you’re finished here, you’ll understand this product offering, and you may even learn about a new upgrade or two you’d enjoy adding to your mower or tractor.

Good Vibrations Product Offering

In short, there are currently twelve Good Vibrations products that span nine different categories:

  • A steering wheel knob
  • A weed eater strap
  • Two hitch plates
  • Two locking hitch pins
  • Two lawn mower pull cord handles
  • A mower deck scraper
  • An offroad drinking mug
  • A selection of tractor wheel covers
  • Tractor seat repair sealant

We’ll cover all these products by category in relative order of their popularity.

Steering Wheel Knob

A red Good Vibrations Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob installed on a steering wheel against a white background

The Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob at a glance:

  • One-handed control and comfort
  • Universal fit for all lawn tractors
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Available in green, red, and gray

The Easy-Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob fits on the steering wheel of any lawn tractor, regardless of make or model. The knob comes with an Allen wrench for easy adjustability and installation. The knob rotates in place as you grip it and turn your mower’s steering wheel, allowing you to control your vehicle easily with just one hand.

The Easy-Rider also works well on boats and golf carts, but it’s intended for off-road use only. Don’t install it on your personal vehicle, truck, or recreational vehicle!

Weed Eater Strap

A man using a weed trimmer with a Good Vibrations Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap attached on a white background with a blown-up image of the same trimmer strap next to the man

The Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap at a glance:

  • Makes trimmer feel 75% lighter
  • Shoulder pad contoured for soft, cushioned comfort
  • Bungee-style strap

One of the biggest pains (literally) of using a weed eater is back pain. The Zero Gravity Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap helps to alleviate this problem. When installed correctly, all you should have to do is let your trimmer hang — just guide it along and pull the trigger to operate it.

The Zero Gravity’s unique, bungee-style strap is the secret to its success and comfort. It’s intuitive to use, attaching to any trimmer in seconds. It’s also great to use on leaf blowers.

Hitch Plates

Three images of the Good Vibrations Hitchin Post Plus+ 3-Way Hitchplate side by side showing its ball towing configuration, hitch pin configuration, and winch configuration

The Hitchin Post Plus+ 3-Way Hitchplate & Towing Ball at a glance:

  • Includes 1 ⅞” ball
  • Pin-hitch hole
  • Dual tow loops for chains, ropes, and winches

The Hitchin Post Plus+ offers three methods of towing additional equipment behind your tractor: a tow ball, a hitch pin hole, and two loops for chains or ropes. It attaches easily to any make and model of lawn tractor or ATV.

Despite its versatility, the Hitchin Post Plus+ is intended for off-road use only; you should not use the Hitchin Post on your truck to tow vehicles or equipment on roads or highways!

A Good Vibrations Z-Hitch Zero-Turn Hitchplate installed on a red zero-turn mower with green grass in the background

The Z-Hitch Zero-Turn Hitchplate at a glance:

  • Universal for all zero-turn mower makes and models
  • 3-way hitch plate
  • 2” to 6” centers for an easy, flexible fit

The Z-Hitch Zero-Turn Hitchplate is similar to the Hitchin Post Plus+, but it’s designed specifically for zero-turn mowers that may not have a built-in hitch plate. It’s made for the same three towing methods, too — a tow ball, a hitch pin, or chains or ropes.

Like the Hitchin Post Plus, the Z-Hitch is intended for off-road use only. It’s also important not to exceed your offroad vehicle’s towing capacity when utilizing a Z-Hitch.

Locking Hitch Pins

A Good Vibrations King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin installed, connecting towing equipment to a tractor against a white background

The King Pin Quick-Connect Hitch Pin at a glance:

  • One-handed hitch and release
  • Automatically locks when yellow trigger is released
  • Heavy-duty treated construction with nickel plating
  • 5 ⅛” shaft, ½” diameter

The King Pin allows you to connect additional towing equipment to your lawn tractor or ATV with just one hand. The two prongs on the end are spring-loaded and connected to the handle. When pushing the King Pin in, the prongs retract and allow you to make the connection. Squeezing the trigger also retracts them, allowing you to pull the pin out.

The King Pin works well in conjunction with the Hitchin Post Plus+ and the Z-Hitch, and, like those items, it’s intended for off-road use only.

A Good Vibrations Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin installed, connecting towing equipment to a tractor with green grass in the background

The Auto-Lock Magnetic Hitch Pin at a glance:

  • Over 25 pounds of magnetic locking force
  • Extra-strong neodymium magnet
  • Easily stores on hitch when not in use
  • 4” shaft, ½” diameter

Like the King Pin, the Auto-Locking Magnetic Hitch Pin does away with the need for clips and pins when towing equipment behind your tractor or ATV. This pin utilizes a strong, neodymium magnet with over 25 pounds of locking force to keep your equipment secured while towing it.

The red handle is angled a bit relative to the shaft, too, allowing you to pull it out easily against the force of the magnet. This hitch pin is intended for offroad use only.

Lawn Mower Pull Cord Handles

A Good Vibrations Get-A-Grip Full Grip Deluxe Handle attached to a lawn mower pull cord with green grass in the background as a person's hand grips it

The Get-A-Grip Full Grip Deluxe Handle at a glance:

  • Full grip for comfort and ease of use
  • High-grade polymer rope
  • Makes starting push mower easier

Your lawn mower probably came with a small, clumsy T-handle attached to its pull cord. These T-handles are awkward to use, and the Get-A-Grip offers an easier, more comfortable alternative. Just snip your T-handle off (while holding onto the pull cord!), tie a knot in it, and slide it into the Get-A-Grip for easy installation.

This naturally shaped pull cord handle works well on lawn mowers, boats, snow blowers, pressure washers — any kind of machine that utilizes a pull cord starter.

A Good Vibrations Start Me Up Full-Grip Starter Handle attached to a lawn mower pull cord as a hand grips it against a white background

The Start Me Up Full-Grip Starter Handle at a glance:

  • 88” rope included
  • Soft-grip handle for a comfortable, secure hold
  • Easy to install — change handles in seconds

So, what’s the difference between the Get-A-Grip handle and the Start Me Up handle? They both offer an easier, more robust option than the standard T-handle. But the Start Me Up features quite a bit more padding in the handle for the very best in comfort.

It’s available in both red and gray, and, like the Get-A-Grip, it’s also useful for lawn mowers, snow blowers, boats, and pressure washers.

Mower Deck Scraper

A Good Vibrations Grass Hawk Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper scraping the lawn mower deck of a red lawn mower against a white background

The Grass Hawk Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper at a glance:

  • Flat and curved cleaning blades for versatility
  • Helps maintain a clean mower deck for a longer life and better cut
  • Also attaches to a pole for cleaning lawn tractors

The Grass Hawk mower scraper makes cleaning a mower deck much easier than with a knife or screwdriver. It features a rotating head with both a flat and curved cleaning blade to reach every crack and crevice of your mower deck.

The bottom of the handle comes with a threaded hole that screws into an extension pole in order to clean lawn tractors, more easily too.

Offroad Drinking Mug

A GIF showing a man squeezing the Jell-Lock base of a Good Vibrations Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug, closing its lid, and flipping it over

The Rough Rider Off-Road Drinking Mug at a glance:

  • Jell-Lock base forms tight to any cup
  • Holds tight on rough terrain
  • One-handed open and close

When your lawn tractor or ATV takes you out on rough, uneven terrain, you shouldn’t use just any mug. The Rough Rider features a rubbery base that squeezes and flexes to fit into any cup-holder. The lid only opens at the press of a button, too, ensuring that dirt and grime stay out (and your beverage stays in).

The Rough Rider is perfect to use during lawn mowing, but it’s also well-suited to any offroad activity. Its 24-ounce capacity is enough to keep you hydrated (or caffeinated!) during any job.

Tractor Wheel Covers

A green and yellow tractor with chrome and yellow Good Vibrations Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers installed on the two visible wheels

Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers at a glance:

  • Black (in 6” and 8” radii)
  • Chrome (in 10” and 12” radii)
  • Red, light orange, burnt orange, yellow, and black accents available

As with anything lawn care-related, tractor wheels — especially white tractor wheels — develop a bit of an ugly green hue over time. Whether you want to cover up stains, wear and tear, or you just want to add a pop of color to your lawn tractor, Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers have you… well, covered.

The 6” and 8” covers are available in black, and the 10” and 12” covers come in chrome. All sizes are available with light orange, dark orange, red, yellow, or black accents. They snap easily onto your wheels and, from a practicality standpoint, they help prevent rust.

Tractor Seat Sealant

A six-part image set showing the application, smoothing, and finished process of using Good Vibrations Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair on both a black and a yellow tractor seat

Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair at a glance:

  • Avoid expensive seat replacement
  • Durable and flexible
  • Repairs rips, holes, and gouges

Finally, Seat Magic Tractor Seat Repair is a sealant designed to fix any holes, cuts, or scrapes in your tractor’s seats. Replacing the need for duct tape, this sealant comes in black and yellow to compliment common tractor seat colors.

It works well on other foam products, too, including arm rests, cushions, and foam seats (especially the more common black color).

Where Can You Buy Good Vibrations Products?

By now, you should have a full, complete sense of what’s included in the Good Vibrations product lineup. From trimmer straps and steering wheel knobs to hitch plates, pins, and more, Good Vibrations’ versatile offering is designed to make lawn care easier, more comfortable, and more efficient.

But where can you find the products?

Hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Menards, Fleet Farm, and others carry Good Vibrations. You can also find Good Vibrations products on Amazon.

And whether you’re interested in one Good Vibrations product or a few, we hope they’ll make caring for your lawn a little easier — and a lot more enjoyable.