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HY-C Chimney Covers

A Shelter Chimney Cover is a smart home investment to protect homes against birds, animals, leaves and debris. It will protect against certain downdrafts, protect the flue from damaging moisture, and help arrest sparks and prevent fires.

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Shelter Adjustable Large Black Galvanized Steel Single Flue Chimney Cap – Clamp-on – for use in California & Oregon

Made in the USA, this Shelter Brand black galvanized steel adjustable chimney cover by HY-C Company is the durable and economic choice for chimneys in most regions. The adjustability simplifies the difficult job of measuring and installing a chimney cap. Like all HY-C chimney covers, the mounting design provides maximum free air space and better draft while the attractive powder coat finish helps it stand up to the elements. Made with a 24 gauge galvanized steel hood with scalloped corners and roll-formed edges and 18 gauge 5/8" expanded galvanized steel mesh. Seven year limited warranty.

  • Adjustable to fit outside flue tile sizes ranging from: 9" x 13" to 13" x 18" square/rectangle and 8" x 17" to 13" x 17" oval.
  • 24 gauge Powder-Coated Galvanized Steel Hood with Scalloped Corners and Roll-Formed Edges, 18 gauge 5/8" 100% Galvanized Steel Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Steel Mounting Clamps for Easy, Durable Installation
  • Outside Mounting Provides Greater Free Air Space
  • Expanded Metal Mesh Turned Inward at Base Allows Cover to Rest Firmly on Flue Tile, Closing Any Openings to Protect Against Nuisance Wildlife
Manufacturer # Fits Outside Tile (in) Retail Weight (lbs)
SCADJ-L-C 19.5 x 9.25 x 24.6 8.5
Manufacturer # Shipping LxWxH (in) Shipping Weight (lbs)
SCADJ-L-C 19.5 x 9.25 x 24.6 8.5